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Coming soon: the O’Delicious Bake Sale, March 16

The best doggone bake sale in Richland County is coming Friday, March 16. The sale runs from 9 a.m. until we are sold out, which is generally around 1:30 p.m. The annual festival of amazing baked and created foods will be held in the Lobby of the Richland County Bank in downtown Richland Center.  The sale features ethnic and specialty baked items as well as several other edibles that are more unusual for a sale of this kind.  All of the items at the O'Delicious Bake Sale are donated by OMHS members and friends.

Fresh, home-grown spinach is one of the very popular items at the O'Delicious Bake Sale that is such a great treat during these dark, cold days of late winter.  The deep and rich green of the spinach is a treat for the eyes and so very rich in vitamins and essential minerals.  It is organic and grown at Welden Farms here in Richland County !  Shop early or it will be gone before you can park your car!

A limited supply of farm fresh brown eggs will be available.  The eggs are produced here in the county in a personal and cozy chicken coop.  The amount of eggs is limited because the chickens have just started laying.  The producers and inspectors of the eggs are hens Edwina and Henrietta.  Again, get here early for the eggs. 

And, of course, the baked goods!  There will be Irish Soda Breads, lefse, krumkake, biscotti, kringle, scones, and kolachy. The Vikings did invade Ireland and Europe so we feel confident selling Scandinavian and European goodies in this sale. We also have absolutely breathtaking traditional items such as cookies, breads, bars, and cupcakes. The variety and array of delicious items is amazing.  There will be cheesecake and home made pie by the slice or by the whole pie. We also hope to have home-made noodles for sale.

The O'Delicious Bake Sale really is a celebration of all things tasty so we don't want to neglect to mention the home made jams, jellies, and pickles for sale, made by our members.  OMHS has many talented, creative, skilled, and generous members!  We thank them for their support of this effort to raise needed funds to help animals.

If you would share your baking and creative talents with OMHS for this event, please let us know via the "contact us" tab.  We would very much like to hear from you.  Volunteer help is always needed to work as sellers, weighing spinach, carrying boxes, plus pricing and assembling the delicious items on the tables. Help us if you can, please.

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Woodrow has found a great home!

Wonderful Woodrow has found just a great new home… other dogs, fenced in yard, and humans that love dogs!  Congratulations, Woodrow!

Woodrow is a beagle pup and a marvelously loveable young guy ready for a permanent home.  He is about a year old so still a pup with all the energy and interest in exploring everything his nose can detect!  Woodrow was found as a stray in the northern part of Richland County and was fortunately taken under the wing of OMHS.  He is up to date on his vaccinations and has been neutered, of course.

Woodrow is in a very good foster care home currently where there are two children. He has proven to be very kid and people friendly.  He has no food aggression regarding other dogs.  Woodrow has the pup desire to chase cats as a beagle would do, so he needs supervision until he understands that cats share a household.   Woodrow is a very intelligent young dog and will learn quickly. Woodrow walks well on leash and is learning manners.  He can perform "sit" and the foster parents are working on other commands with him.  He gets along fine with other dogs and dog companionship would be advised for this young canine, as he learns how to be a companion to his people and his other household inhabitants.  You know how it is, if you have one dog you might as well have two, or more.  Watching and learning from dogs interacting with each other is such a joy.

Because he was a stray dog living totally on his own outdoors Woodrow has had to learn about house training and he is doing very well.  With a puppy's developing body, including his bladder, he needs to get outdoors for potty time quite frequently.  With three walks per day he is very comfortable with indoor life. Woodrow will not respect an invisible fence, at least at this young age he will not.  Therefore he will need a well fenced and safe yard for exercise. 

Please click on Woodrow's photos for his complete image.  His eyebrows seem to make him appear to be worried!  He is not.  Woodrow just does not know what a camera is!  Woodrow is learning all the time and the camera experience is just one of his adventures. His facial expression is just one of about 100 that a dog can exhibit.   Please interview this fine dog by calling 608-604-7848.

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