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A Few Photos of the Blessing of Animals

October 1 found almost 50 people celebrating the Feast of St. Francis at St. Barnabas Episcopal Church in Richland Center.  Here are a few photos shared by Dawn Kiefer, Editor, The Richland Observer.  The Ocooch Mountain Humane Society co-sponsored the event with St. Barnabas Church congregation.

Thank you, Dawn, for the photographs. 

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Blessing of Animals; Celebration of St. Francis

The Feast of St Francis… October 1, 2014
St Barnabas Episcopal Church
297 North Main, Richland Center

Worship with Animals ~ 5:30 pm
Blessing of Animals ~ 6:15 pm

All are invited, including pets, to a lively service remembering the preaching of Francis of Assisi and giving thanks for the blessings that we have through our
companion animals.

This service is a celebration of God as creator of all, and the goodness that is in creation.

An event in partnership with The Ocooch Mountain Humane Society.

Below are a few photos from the 2012 Blessing of Animals.

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Badger Ordnance Program at Antique Adventures, September 27

Badger Ordnance was an important factor in the defence of the USA beginning with the start of World War l l.  But beyond that Badger had great economic and social impact in the southwestern area of Wisconsin.  Badger Ordnance, the "powder plant," served the country beginning in 1942 through three wars.  Badger Ordnance was located just south of Baraboo Wisconsin.  It ceased operation during the Viet Nam War era.

Michael Goc, past president of the group preserving the history of Badger, will present an interesting program at Antique Adventures.  The program, held in the Meeting Room at the Community Center, Richland Center, begins at 12:30 p.m. Michael is an author and an historian and will present a lively program that will bring back memories of those whose parents, uncles and aunts had their first real job off the farm during World War l l. 

The admission to the Adventures is $5 and is a benefit event for the Ocooch Mountain Humane Society.  A $10 admission allows you to bring up to 3 items for evaluation by "people in the business." You will receive opinions about your treasures but not "estate appraisals," which take time and extensive research.

Viewing the collections of area residents passionate about history and a food stand with home made chilis, including vegetarian and chicken, and seasoned pork sandwiches will keep everyone satisfied!

The two programs at the event are in partnership with the Richland County Historical Society and the Ocooch Mountain Humane Society. 

Hours of Antique Adventures are 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. with Door Prizes announced at 1:45. 

Support OMHS by attending the Antique Adventures.

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Antique Adventures Features Paintings of Paul Seifert, American Privitive

Farmscapes in watercolor will be featured in a program at Antique Adventures by curator Joseph Kapler, Wisconsin State Historical Society.  OMHS is very excited to host the presentation about Seifert because he has very close ties with Richland County.  Paul Adolf Seifert immigrated to the United States from Saxony Germany in about 1867. There is a theory that he left Germany to avoid military service. He "landed" at Richland City in Richland County. The village no longer exists because the Wisconsin River made a pretty dramatic change of course and demolished Richland City.  The village of Gotham, just a short distance up river, took the place of Richland City.

Paul Seifert may have travelled on a logging raft and upon reaching Richland City he disembarked.  There he met Elizabeth Kraft, and, because she and her family spoke English, he decided to stay.  Kraft and Seifert were married and spent their life in the Richland City/Gotham area along the Wisconsin River.

In the later 1870's Paul began painting and he continued creating painting through the early 1890's.  He also supported his family with his talent as a taxidermist and raised garden vegetables that he and Elizabeth sold.  But his paintings are what we want to know more about at this program. 

Paul Seifert is known as an itinerant painted.  A primitive or naive painter.  An outsider. Once you have seen a Seifert watercolor you KNOW what a Seifert looks like!  The paintings are that distinctive. He would paint a picture of a farm scene with the buildings, representations of cows and pigs, and some of the people in the family.  The people were always working or engaged in activity. No one was with out action.  But all the people are painted in profile, like the Egyptian representation of people. 

The paper was generally 18×24 toned paper… light gray or blue.  The media he used was watercolor and pen and ink.  He was very precise with his inked lines for fences!  The perspective is unusual and the point of view of the painting is always slightly above the horizon level.  This is a typical characteristic of the primitive painter. He said that people liked his paintings and he liked painting for them.  He charged $2.00 for the paintings. Frequently he did duplicates of the paintings.  Paul did create pencil sketches of the farms and then painted the scene back at his home.  One pencil drawing does exists of "Laws Landing."

It is not known how many paintings Seifert completed.  He left no record95 of his work.  Thiere were 17 watercolor paintings in the exhibit that Mr. Kapler curated.  He discovered a few more paintings but chose 17 that were most representative of Seifert's work.  The exhibit at the Wisconsin Historical Society Museum in Madison WI ran from April to the end of August, 2014. 

In 1950 an art historian from the East had "discovered" Paul Seifert.  And a painting of his and a description of the primitive artist can be found in "Three Hundred Years of American Painting" by Alexander Eliot. Paintings by Seifert are found in Cooperstown NY and in Williamsburg VA.  An exhibit of his paintings on paper was held in Richland Center in the 1960's.  These were paintings owned by local people and the showing was held in the Krouskop's Deparment Store.

When his age became an issue for traveling around Richland, Iowa, Grant, and Sauk counties, Seifert began painting imaginary paintings on glass.  He charged $5.00 for his reverse paintings.  Many of these painting probably met the same fate that the work on paper met… they were destroyed or tossed out. The reverse paintings had the same motif… a castle on a rocky hill, a body of water below such as a lake or a river, and a small boat pulled up on shore. Generally there was a cross in the composition.  Seifert was quite enterprising and used aluminum foil in the windows of the castle to create a lively appearance.  Reverse painting is an interesting technique and requires much planning.

Seifert created sculptural pieces as well, such as bas reliefs with a plaster substance shaped like a castle with a beach and a boat.  The beach had small shells from the Wisconsin River impressed into it.

The Seifert program is co-sponsored by the Ocooch Mountain Humane Society and the Richland County Historical Society.

We encourage attendance at this interesting program about a little known artist who created wonderful watercolor paintings in the driftless area of Wisconsin. 

Remember:  $5 admission per person for the programs, viewing of the collections by local people, and listening in on the evaluations of vintage and antique items. 

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Antique Adventures, Saturday, September 27!

Plans are being finalized for the second annual Antique Adventures event!  You are encouraged to mark your calendar and tell friends and neighbors to mark the date for this interesting and educational event. If you watch American Pickers, Antiques Roadshow, or Pawn Stars for example, you are certain to enjoy seeking out your own treasures in your barn, attic, or shed and bringing them to the Antique Adventures for evaluation.

We have two dynamite programs scheduled! Wisconsin Watercolors: Paintings of Paul Seifert, will be presented by Joe Kapler, curator, Wisconsin State Historical Society.  History of Badger Ordnance will be presented by Michael Goc, historian and author.  

We are happy to hold the event at the Community Center in Richland Center… 1050 North Orange Street. Hours for the event are 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Plans for the event include evaluations of items brought to the event, two programs of historical interest, vintage vehicles, and displays of items from local collectors.

Because this is a fund-raising event for OMHS, there is a charge for admission… $5 per person or $10 if the person brings up to 3 items for evaluation. The evaluations are not legal, binding appraisals that could be used for estate needs, but evaluations that provide a starting point to go forward with a certified appraisal.

Vintage automobiles and trucks will again be welcomed to Antique Adventures. If you have a vintage vehicle or if you know someone who would like to display a vehicle, please contact us.

Of course, we will be looking for volunteers to help with setting up tables and chairs, kitchen help, greeters, and cashiers. If you would like to offer to volunteer right now, please call 536-3796 or 647-6453.

Stay tuned to the OMHS website as the detailed plans unfold: or check us out on Facebook.

Mark your calendar today… September 27: Antique Adventures.

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Rummage Romp to Benefit the Pets-In-Waiting for Adoption!

July 26 is the date of the 2014 Rummage Romp, the COLOSSAL sale that raises dollars directly targeted at the costs of medical care, housing, and food for companion animals under the wing of the Ocooch Mountain Humane Society!

This really is an amazing Rummage Romp! One that you do not want to miss.The annual Rummage Romp has a reputation for clean, quality items donated by members and friends. The Romp is one of the most important fund raising projects of the organization.

In addition to donating clean, lightly used items, OMHS asks that you please consider volunteering to help with the Romp set-up or on the sale day. Maybe donate and volunteer! Your generous donations of items and your volunteer help are crucial in the ongoing efforts to raise needed funds for helping pets under our wing as they await adoption.  The medical care to get the pets ready for adoption is the largest cost OMHS has during the year.  Rummage Romp is a major source of $$$ for tick and flea control, vaccinations, spaying or neutering, food, and shelter needs for all the animals.

As you see, your help is crucial to fund the ongoing needs of OMHS. Whether you donate items, volunteer to work, or do both, you will feel gratified that you have provided needed help for continuing the work of this charitable organization.
 Clothing       Furniture        Antiques       Vintage      Household essentials   
Small Appliances     Sporting equipment      Gardening and Outdoor items  
  Hand tools      Holiday Items     Craft items   Kitchen essentials    Pottery/Ceramics        Pictures         Home Decor   
  • NO large electrical appliances, bed mattresses, or large sports equipment such as treadmills. NO televisions, NO computers, NO printers will be accepted.

Set-up is Friday, July 25 Bring your clean, usable, pre-priced items to the Community Center, 1050 N. Orange Street, Richland Center between
1 p.m. and 5:30 p.m.
**Give 2 hours of your time and talent with set-up, and you are eligiblefor the Early Bird Worker Sale…Friday, 4:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. There are great items available at this early sale that will be snapped up quickly!
**Email to register for your 2 work hours. Register to help either Friday or Saturday to be eligible for the special Early Bird Sale…4 to 5:30 p.m.
Volunteers needed for set up Friday at 12 noon.
Do you need help pre-pricing the items you are donating?
Call 647-7161 for help OR
email for assistance. 
Below is a list of clothing items you do not have to pre-price… we have a standard price for these items, unless you have a Gucci leather coat that cries out for a higher price!!!
  • To simplify preparation for the Rummage Romp for Pets, clothing will be priced as follows:

Shorts/jeans/pants $1.00

Pair of shoes $1.00

Blouses/shirts 50 cents

Dresses/skirts 75 cents

Sweaters 50 cents

Sweatshirts 75 cents

Sleepwear 25 cents

Ties 25 cents

Belts 25 cents


***The above prices will be posted prominently in the clothing area, so you do not have to individually price the clothing. If your clothing item is worth more than these prices, please put an easy-to-read price on the item, and those items will be displayed in a separate area. ****


  • Paperback books will sell for 25 cents, and hardcover books will sell for 50 cents. These prices will be posted. If you have books that are worth more than these prices, please mark the book(s) individually with appropriate price.

Volunteers needed Saturday:
cashiers and help re-organizing tables as items are sold.
Help needed with clean up. Boxing up items that are unsold.
3 pickup trucks needed for hauling items.
The Rummage Romp is open to the public
Saturday, July 26, 2014, 7:30 a.m. to 12 noon.

***Homemade Scones, Coffee, and Lemonade
to give you strength for shopping.***

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Howl and Meow Success!

Howl and Meow was a grand success Sunday, May 4!

Just over $6,000 was raised to help with Pet Care costs and the Spay Neuter program.  OMHS is grateful to the participants and visitors to the event and for the generous pledges to the Pet Walk teams.  Dog Mascots of the year are Bud and Jackson, the companions of Sharon Panske, and the second place finishers are Daisy and Star, canine companions of Judy Krysko.  The Cat Mascot of the year is Sebastian, an OMHS cat in residence at the Adoption Center and wonderful fellow just waiting for a great home! Laura Payne was raising pledges for Sebastian.

OMHS is very pleased with the results of the Plant Sale! Over $900 was raised for the Spay Neuter program.  This was the largest monetary result for the Plant Sale now in its fourth year. A big thank you to the OMHS members and friends who donated plants. This was a difficult spring to find perennials in the garden to donate!  It had been such a difficult winter and spring has not been much help either for plants and gardeners.  But OMHS had a wonderful variety of plants for sale.  OMHS is very grateful to the K&A Greenhouse on Mineral Point Road, Verona WI, for the spectacular donation of "winter weary" shrubs and plants!  Their donation gave the OMHS sale a huge boost!  The donation by K&A was the key to the success of the plant sale!  If you shop in the Madison WI area be sure to visit the K&A Greenhouse for a terrific plant experience!  Tell them OMHS sent you.

Below please find photos from the Howl adventure.  Please note that young volunteer, Oliver, is shown in more than photo.  There was a running joke going on to have him in as many photos as possible. Another fun part of Howl and Meow.

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Howl and Meow: Get Ready for a Fun Day

    The Ocooch Mountain Humane Society encourages pet owners to join the fun at the Pet Walk, Sunday, May 4, at the Howl and Meow event held from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Community Center in Richland Center. The walking route is 1.5 miles.  The Pet Walk is a part of this 12th  annual event where the Mascots of the Year are determined by pledge dollars raised by the pets and their companions.  OMHS has a dog mascot and a cat or other species mascot chosen each year with  the honorees featured on the banner of the Pet Connection newsletter and also part of the OMHS website and on the Facebook page.
  Registration Form for the Pet Walk. It is also found on the Howl and Meow Events page on the main menu and on Facebook.
You may pick up a Registration form in Richland Center at Shireman Veterinary Clinic and the Richland Veterinary Service. Pledges can be made online, as well. Go to the Donation page on the website and choose either credit card or PayPal.  Be certain to indicate what the donation target is by placing the name of the pet in the comment box.
    Only dogs are invited to walk the Pet Walk route. However, Pet Walk chair, Sharon Panske, strongly encourages that cats, ferrets, reptiles, turtles, birds, fish, rats, or any other pet species be included in the competition for the mascot honor.  Bring a picture of your pet and take the photo with you on the Pet Walk.  When registering you must show proof that your dog's vaccinations are up-to-date.  The verification of vaccination is for the safety of your dog and all attendees at the event.
    Registration for the Pet Walk is 10 to 11 a.m. Sunday, May 4, and all pledge dollars must be turned in no later than 11:00 that morning…before the walk begins at 11:15.  
    The OMHS Howl and Meow Committee is optimistic that several of the Mascots from previous years will be in attendance. The OMHS mascot honors were the following: 2013, dogs Jackson and Bud, companions of Sharon Panske, cats Dunkie, companion of Mari Sue Bethke; 2012, dogs Daisy and Star, companions of Judith Krysko, cats Dennis, Zeus, Ziggy, companions of Craig and Cindy Chicker; 2011, dogs dogs Laddie and Willy, companions of Marlene and Russ Tilsner, cats Luna and Princess, companions of Carletta Heide; 2009 and 2010, dog Jackson, companion of Sharon Panske; 2008, dogs Toby and Sophie, companions of the Farrell/Hetzel family; 2007, dog McGyver companion of Carol and Steve Stevenson; 2006, dog Comet, companion of Lori Fuller; 2005, dog Molly, companion of Deb Kiely; 2004, dog Charlie, companion of Phyllis Kiely; 2003, Streak Lily, companion of Marie and Charles Barry; and the first year for the Pet Walk, 2002, dog C4, companion of Corey Davis, won the mascot honor.
    Other features planned for the Howl and Meow are the “Just for Fun” obstacle course for dogs, the Crazy Critter Quarter Raffle a video program by Littledale Farm “Working Sheepdogs,” a terrific Plant Sale, and the Grand and Glorious Food Stand.  Mark your calendar now for Howl and Meow.

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Howl and Meow Pet Walk, Sunday, May 4

Come join us for a fun-filled day!

Sunday, May 4, 2014
Community Center, 1050 N. Orange Street, Richland Center
10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Pet Walk
Registration 10 to 11 a.m.

Pledge $$ must be turned in no later than 11 a.m., May 4.
Walk begins at 11:15 a.m.
Only dogs are allowed to participate in the Pet Walk.

(Must bring proof of vaccinations for your dog to walk at the event.)

Other species are very welcome to be part of the Pet Walk that determines the
Mascot of the Year for OMHS!  Bring a photo of your pet… cat, ferret, gecko,
turtle, parakeet, whatever species your pet is, please enter the competition!

Begin NOW to raise pledge $$ to compete for the honor of Mascot of the Year.

A dog mascot and an other species mascot will be determined.  The Mascots of the Year
are featured on the banner of the OMHS Pet Connection newsletter!

Click here for  Registration Form for the Pet Walk. It is also found on the Howl and Meow Events page on the main menu.  Click on the link and download the form and get busy signing up your followers!  Your friends and family can pledge for your pet online or by USPS.  Go to the Donation Page on the main menu.

Please consider becoming a member of OMHS @ $10 per individual
or $25 for a family membership.

Stay tuned for complete information about the Howl and Meow event including the Dog Obstacle Course, the Plant Sale, and more. 

See you at Howl and Meow.

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Paws for the Holidays was a Fine Success!

The 11th Paws for the Holidays lived up to all expectations with all venues busy the entire day.  Over 160 hot dogs were sold, a record for the annual event. Carletta, general chair of the event and co-chair of the Grand and Glorious Food stand was so pleased with the kitchen volunteers and with the number of diners who enjoyed the Chicago Style hot dogs and Chili dogs.

The Pet Portraits booth started the activities going when Jean and Miss Lily arrived prior to the 10 a.m. opening of the event.  They had another important engagement so photographer Lori Lettman and her assistants went into action to get this portrait accomplished.  Volunteers Debra, Joanne, and Mari Sue were busy all day working with the 24 portrait clients.  It was a very good day for pets and people.  Please see the gallery below of some of the portraits. Just over $350 was raised with the portraits. We are pleased with that help for pet care costs, but we are most pleased by the quality of the photos and the smiles and good fun had by everyone involved!

The Live Auction was a new feature for the OMHS Paws event and it proved to be very successful.  Over $1600 was raised in the auction under the able guidance of Danny Sheafor, well known and favorite auctioneer in Richland County and the area. Penny Sheafor worked side by side with husband Danny and recorded the bidder number, the lot, and the selling price.  Pam, Marilyn, and an unidentified young boy displayed the 24 items beginning with a 14 inch Roseville mixing bowl that brought $70 from the high bidder.  The highest selling items were the hand made quilt by Phil Poole and a  hand made quilt by Ron Fruit, each of which were sold at $190.  OMHS is very grateful for the high quality donations from members and friends.  We hope to have a Live Auction again in 2014. 

The Silent Auction raised an astounding $900 plus dollars for OMHS and the Pet Care costs.  Again the quality and variety of items provided interesting challenges for bidding.  Chet's Feed and Seed provided donations of dog food and bags of kitty litter that were of great interest to pet owners.  And the top bidders on the Chet's items were placed in a hat and a winner chosen who won a $50 gift certificate at Chet's!  Sharon won that extra $50!

The Amazing Bake Sale raised over $500, the Food Stand raised over $900, and the Shoppe 'til you Drop raised over $700!  Therefore, Paws for the Holidays was a financially successful event for OMHS.  We have no events scheduled in the deep winter months of 2014, therefore the success of Paws is crucial to continuing programs such as the Spay Neuter voucher project and to pay veterinary bills for vital pet care costs of those dogs, cats, and kittens in our care until they are adopted. 

Watch the OMHS News page for information about a Challenge Grant to sustain the Spay Neuter voucher project.

Enjoy these portrait sittings!

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