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Paws Fur for the Holidays Was Very Successful!

Paws Fur the Holidays took our breath away with the success of several new features at the event!  The Paws Team Committee planned for the event for over two months, combining the tried and true features,  plus working out the details for new features. The new features pleasantly surprised the Team!  Every event that OMHS produces for fund raising is a learning experience and expands the creative minds of committees and volunteers!  This November 14, 2015 event was no exception.

Financial reports for the event are in and OMHS raised a net income of over $4800 for the Pet Care Fund. The Board of Directors is very grateful to everyone who volunteered, donated items, or who came to enjoy pets and people. Over 190 people attended and we know the greeters counting heads and handing out flyers announcing features, probably missed a few attendees. 

Sweet Walk was one of the successful new features!  The donated sweets were overwhelming in originality, quality, and creativity!  It was very successful idea and the Paws Team has it on the list to repeat this feature in 2016. Thank you, everyone, who created and provided fabulous sweet items!

The PieNation table, also a new feature,  was resplendent with wonderful, delicious pies baked by the talented and skilled members and friends of OMHS!  Thank you for making this sale of whole and half pies very successful.  Frankly, most pies were sold as whole creations… not many folks were willing to settle for JUST a half pie!

The Santa Paws Gift Tree, a new feature, was beautifully decorated with handmade ornaments with photos of pets ready for adoption.  Each ornament had a practical, safe gift suggestion for pets in OMHS care.  There were 40 ornaments on the tree.  Everyone of the ornaments were taken by generous folks who will donate the suggested item!  Thank you for helping these very meaningful gifts! The success of the gift tree will definitely be repeated at the 2016 Paws.

Vendors at Paws Fur the Holidays provided a wide variety of handcrafted items for holiday gifts.  The booths were very well decorated and resplendent with items for sale!  Thank you, vendors:  Patience Way Shop, Mike Klen Cariactures, Bevelli Designs, Lil McGill's Ju Ju Junk, Tastefully Simple, Mary Kay, Natural Design Jewelry, and Handmade Creations by Vickie.  Thank you, vendors, for sharing your talent and skill in a new feature at Paws Fur the Holidays. The Paws Fur the Holidays is one of the earliests vendor events in our 4 county area, so be looking for a vendor opportunity in 2016.

The Grand and Glorious food stand did an outstanding job of keeping the hungry folks well fed.  The pulled pork sandwiches were excellent and the meatless chili and chili with meat were very delicious.  Thank you everyone who donated a pie for the dessert selection!  Thank you all you who cooked chili, pulled pork or who baked a pie! You are the best.

The Pets in Costume contest had 7 canine entries in costumes ranging from bees and lions to a Chicago styles hot dog.  Everyone had fun and we look forward to having more entrants in 2016.  The first place winner was Sandy a hound mix dog who was "decorated" as a young deer!  She won bragging rights and a handsome wooden plaque created by Chad Fitzgerald proclaiming her first place finish.  This new feature in 2015 will, no doubt, grow in popularity.

Membership Table was busy with renewals and new memberships.  As a result the Litterbox Dive, a new feature,  was busy, too.  New and renewing members had the opportunity to take a Dive and scoop out a prize.  The prizes were coupons donated by a variety of area businesses, including Taco Bell, Subway, Dairy Queend, and Culvers. The Litterbox Dive was also popular with those who bought tee and sweatshirts at a discounted price. The litterbox was new and the scoop was a new clean one, of course, so everyone had fun diving! All 50 coupons were claimed by the divers! 

The Pets Ready for Adoption display table was decorated for the season and displayed were many, many photos of cats and kittens ready for adoption.

The Pet Portrait booth was a busy place with professional photographer, M. Kellogg, taking the images.  All proceeds were donated to the OMHS cause.  Thank you very much your kind and generous donation of time and talent!!! 

Volunteers and Paws Team worked hard to create this success!  We counted over 30 volunteers, including the Team, who worked on this year-end event!  It was gratifying to work together and see the success to keep our animals healthy and ready for adoption.  The greeters counted 190 visitors to the event and we probably missed a few coming through the door!

Another new feature, the Handcrafted in Wisconsin sales table, was filled with hand-made items!  Thanks to all the talented craftspeople for participating in the Paws event. 

The Silent Auction was successful, featuring the tables filled with high quality items donated by members and friends of OMHS.  The tables were decorated for the season and that inspired bidding for the desired items.  Over $1500 was raised in this 5th Silent Auction at a Paws Fur the Holidays event.  Thank you for donating items for this important feature! 

The Set up and Clean up volunteers are so important at an event like Paws.  We could not do the event without you! Thank you very much.  We need many more volunteers for clean up to make the work go more quickly and smoothly.  Could you volunteer in 2016 for the Paws event?  Let us know.

FYI:  If you attended Paws Fur the Holidays and have observations and suggestion about the event, please email 




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Vendors at Paws Fur the Holidays!

Paws Fur the Holidays
Saturday, November 14
10 a.m. to 2 p.m.
Community Center, 1050 North Orange Street,
Richland Center WI

For your shopping pleasure for pets and for home, OMHS has invited a few vendors to show and sell their wares.  You will find the craftsmanship and selection excellent at Paws Fur the Holidays!

Vendors are:

Sandy's Patience Way Shop… dog jackets, hats, blankets, Christmas stockings, bandanas, and hand made collars.  View items on

Creations by Vickie… purses, dog and cat items, snowballs, mittens, ornaments. Go to Facebook to view Vickie Ernst's creations. 

Mary Kay Cosmetics… cosmetics, perfumes, lotions presented by independent consultant.

Lil McGil's Ju Ju Junk and Harmonious Funk… glass/ceramic pieces, cake plates, sun catchers, and more!  Check out

Tastefully Simple food items that areable easy and quick to fix…go to on the web to view product selection.

Bevelli Designs... rhinestone transfers, headbands, mugs, shirts, vinyl decals.

Pet and People Cariactures by Mike Klen…
      Mike creates cariatures from photos and from life!  He can even create stunning
      cariactures from a cell phone photo!

Natural Jewelry by Evelyn…
            Stones, wood, plants, beads all inspire Evie with her creations!

Hand-crafted in Wisconsin… an array of handmade items from several area people.



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Plans Ready for Paws Fur the Holidays!

Paws Fur the Holidays!

Saturday, November 14,

Community Center, 1050 N. Orange St.,

Richland Center 10 to 2 p.m.

Join OMHS as we celebrate the 14th annual Paws Fur the Holidays! Many new features are planned that are fun, entertaining, and educational. The Paws Team has put together a very fine schedule for the day. And OMHS is, of course, looking for volunteers for the event, and you can be an important factor in the success and enjoyment of the day.

This event is all about the animals that OMHS has in its care! We must raise money to feed, shelter, provide medical care, and find homes for these deserving and wonderful creatures!

New for Paws: Pets in Costume! Start right now planning your pet's costume for this fun feature. There will be three categories for the judging; dogs, cats, and other pets in wonderful, creative costumes! And extra points will be awarded if the handler (a human) is also in a costume that coordinates with the theme of the pet. So you and your pet should start thinking right now about this special featured appearance! The cost of entry in the contest is $5. The First Place winners in each category will receive a plaque and appropriate food and treats, but we know that all pets are winners, so treats, coupons, and collars will be given to all participants.

New for Paws: Sweet Walk! Mmmm…homemade candies, cookies, kolachy, bars, scones, biscotti, krumkake, rosettes will be the featured treats in the walk. Buy a cute paw print box for $10.00, walk around the Sweet Walk tables, and select the items you want. You will more than get your money's worth! For sanitary safety, plastic gloves will be given to each person who buys a box. Pease bring out those great candy and other delightful recipes, and begin planning your contribution for this new feature. Or just be a buyer! We need you either way you can participate.  OR be a sweet creator and a buyer!

New for Paws: Vendors! The Paws Team is offering vendor space at the event for a cost of $25! Booth space is 10'x10', and we supply two tables and two chairs. We have 10 vendor booths already spoken for and could accommodate 5 more. Craftsmen and business folks who would like to apply for a booth should call 608-647-6453 or email and a vendor form will be sent to you.

New for Paws: Santa Paws Tree! A tree decorated with handmade ornaments with photos of cats and dogs will be prepared by Jeannnie Coppernoll and Sierra Tiegs. The ornaments can be picked off the tree by people who would like to give a practical gift for OMHS animals. The reverse side of the ornament will have a suggestion of a low cost gift appropriate for a cat, kitten, dog, or pup. The gifts can be brought to Shireman Veterinary Clinic or the Richland Veterinary Service on or before December 31. OMHS will have a special box at each veterinary clinic for the gifts. Be certain to include your name with the gift! Of course, a monetary gift is always appropriate for OMHS animals… online or by check or cash.

Schedule for Paws Fur the Holidays…

10 a.m…. doors open for the event. You will be greeted at the door and will receive a program for the day and, if there is room on the page, a menu.

10:30 a.m… Jeannie Coppernoll will moderate a “Pet Gab Session” in the Meeting Room. Jeannie will invite you to contribute info about your pet that will be of interest to the group… a behavioral situation, a medical situation, or other pet info that could be help to someone else. This is not a vet session… just gabbing about our pets in a positive way.

11:15 a.m. … Gary Garbe, dog trainer and teacher, and Tucker, dog extraordinaire, will present a program entitled Dogs; What We Know and What We Think We Know.” This is a great opportunity to rethink your wonderful pet… dogs are so incredible! You will thoroughly enjoy Gary and Tucker.

Grand and Glorious Food Stand... opens at 10 a.m. with a super menu of pulled pork sandwiches, homemade coleslaw, vegetarian chili, homemade ground beef chili, veggie packs, pie, ice cream, soda, water, chips. We have the foods to satisfy your Paws palette!

PieNation… Homemade whole pies and half pies for sale! $12 for a entire pie and $6 for a half pie. Pie bakers, let's amaze folks with a wonderful selection of pies. Everyone loves pie!

Pet Portraits… Professional photographer Mandy Kellogg will capture your pet and you in two fine photos. Mandy will edit the photos and you can download them for your use or you can order inexpensive prints from her. The charge is $15 for two professionally edited photos. Directions for downloading will be ready for you.

Silent Auction… Always a popular feature at Paws, we anticipate up to 24 select items for the auction. Minimum bids begin at $5 with $1 increments as the bidding gets hot! If you would like to donate an item worth at least $25, please call 608-647-6453, or email to register the item(s). Items will be accepted for the Silent Auction only until November 5 so that bidding sheets can be prepared. Items will be featured on line by November 5 or before.  Stay tuned for photos!

OMHS Tee and Sweatshirts for sale… show your pride and support of OMHS with a tee shirt or sweatshirt. Many colors available. OMHS Memberships… November is membership month, and Paws if an appropriate and convenient occasion to renew your support for the work of OMHS.

Perhaps your membership has lapsed or your have not had the opportunity to become a member. Well, Paws Fur the Holidays is the time and place!

Buy a shirt or renew membership or become a new member and have the opportunity to “litterbox dive!” A clean litterbox, clean litter, and a clean scoop and you are ready to take the plunge! Dive in and see what fabulous prize you come up with!

The “litterbox dive” arena will be located between the membership table and tee shirt table.

How can you help?

We need volunteer help with the following:

Set up crew: 7:30 to 9 a.m. Four people.

Treat Walk: Help set up the display of goods on tables; cashiers also needed. (two hour shifts).

Greeters: Volunteer for 1 or two hours. Meet folks and give the handouts to the visitors.

Pie bakers: We need pies from our wonderful OMHS bakers! We would like to have 10 whole pies for sale and 20 half pies to offer for sale. Can you help?

Clean up crew: Sweep and take out trash, put tables and chairs into storage. Put Meeting Room tables and chairs back in order. Help vendors load up. Help photographer load up her equipment. Four or five people.

Pets in Costume… Assist setting up the feature area. Help the pet owners get the pets ready, if necessary.

Please call 608.647.6453 or email with your offer to donate or help at Paws!

Recycle ink cartridges and cell phones at Paws Fur the Holidays. Bring them to the Membership table.

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Paws Fur the Holidays Planning Begins…in Earnest!

A planning meeting for the November 14 event, Paws Fur the Holidays, will be 10 September, 10:35, at the Community Center meeting room, Richland Center.
 If you would like to attend this "idea" session, feel free to come share you suggestions/ideas with the group.

We will discuss inviting vendors of animal related items, health, hand made crafts, arts to bring their products and sell at the event.  This will be the first time we have had vendors so it is a new experience for OMHS. We are charging $30 for an 8 x 8 booth space consisting of two 8 foot tables and two chairs. 

Do you know a potential vendor?  Please send info to OMHS.

Send your inquiries or interest in having a booth to

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Celebration of St. Francis of Assisi with a Blessing of Animals

Come celebrate with OMHS members and pets, the birthday of St. Francis of Assisi, Wednesday, October 7, at St. Barnabas Church, Richland Center. The ecumenical service and celebration will be short because there will be many dogs in Church that evening! 

Yes, by all means, you can bring your dog to Church with you! Your cat can come, too, if in a cat carrier for its safety.

This is the 4th year St. Barnabas has opened its doors to everyone for a celebration of this special saint.  Father Don Fleischman, St. Barnabas, will be assisted again this year by Pastor Tom Dowling, St. John's Lutheran Church. The message in the service will include special thoughts about Cecil, the Black-maned Aftrican lion, who was killed by a trophy hunter. Cecil was the symbol and mascot for the nation of Zimbabwe. The message will partially focus on the violence against all living creatures.

St. Francis is the patron saint of animals and the environment, two things that are very important in our lives today.  Mark your calendar now and plan to attend.

Refreshments will be served following the service and outdoor blessing. Members of St. Barnabas parish prepare the home made refreshments. . 

Please come to the service, and make it an annual event when we focus upon our pets and the joy they provide.

Large group 130 10-11 pet prayers 1 273


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Howl and Meow Continues its Successful Fund-raising Role

2015 marked the 13th annual Howl and Meow event to celebrate pets and people!  This event continues to be one of the OMHS signature events to raise dollars and to raise the community's awareness of the joy and healthy-giving therapy pets bring to our lives. The Howl and Meow featured several new ideas for the public and members to enjoy. A special thank you to Gary Garbe who provided a very informative and entetaining program entitled “What We Know About Dogs.” Gary and dog Tucker gave the audience plenty to think about regarding their dogs or the dogs they know. Tucker demonstrated some of his remarkable training that keeps this big dog challenged and at the top of his game. Gary illustrated his extensive dog training skills very well!

The H & M Events Committee launched a few new ideas for the event including new menu items. The Committee will review the results of the changes and additions with a report of findings at the Annual Meeting. Volunteers for the Events Committee are very welcome to join the fun of planning OMHS events. Just email to volunteer to help plan the events.

New this year for OMHS are memberships for pets, with the memberships set at $5.00 per year. Jeannie Coppernoll suggested this way to involve pets as members of OMHS. To date, there are 15 dog and cat members!

Thank you, volunteers, for working to make Howl and Meow a success.

One of the parts of the celebration that has continued for 13 years is the Mascot of the Year Contest.  The mascots are chosen by the amount of dollars their hard-working human companions have raised on their behalf!  (The cats and dogs are all snoozing and lounging around while their "people" are getting wonderful pledges for them to be delared OMHS Mascot!) 

Jane Kintz is the Quints "manager/wardrobe mistress," and mamma and she writes the following about the felines:

The Warehouse Quints are proud to be the 2015-16 OMHS Cat Mascots!  The Quints like car rides, wearing clothes, lounging on their second floor deck, and being adored. This group of felines are known far and wide by those seeing the monthly group photos of them sporting outfits that are posted on the ‘You Know You’re from Richland Center if…’ Facebook page and on their mama, Jane Kintz’s, FB page. It takes four people to prepare the Quints for their monthly photo shoots.  They must be dressed, posed, brought back into the picture frame when they decide to wander off, redressed when they decide to remove their clothing, and photographed.  Two of my former art students, Melanie Manning and Brenda Inman, along with my long-time friend, Jan Sabin, help out every month, Sometimes it’s a cat-astrophe but we always get the job done!  IMG_20150609_091015_hdr

     I discovered the family of kittens nearly two years ago on the 4th floor of the AD German Warehouse, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, in Richland Ctr., WI.  The cute little boogers were playing in a pile of rubble while a group of us were taking a tour.  My beloved cat, Gladys, Doudna  Elementary’s Art Room Cat, had died two months before.  I was still grieving her loss and could not think of getting another cat yet—but these little guys needed my help.  Their mom was feral and they would be, too. Jan brought her pet taxi, I brought them home and fostered them for OMHS.  The plan was for me to adopt Spot and Puff and that Frank, Lloyd and Wright would be adopted by someone else.  Well, my friends were correct—I would adopt all five!  They are the sweetest, most loving, friendly cats.  Even though it is sometimes a little challenging to have FIVE cats, I cannot imagine my life without the joy they bring to me. 

Jane raised $1116 on behalf of the Quints, and they designated it for the Emergency Medical Fund.

"Louie" is the 2015-16 Canine Mascot for OMHS! Louie is very proud of his position and promises to do his best to promote adoptions and humane care of all pets. Louie, who is around 6 years old, was taken under the wing of OMHS after being released from a neglectful situation in late March 2014. He was adopted into the home of Kent and Marilyn Houck in mid-April. Right after he was adopted, it was discovered that Louie had a life-threatening condition… he had two perineal hernias that ultimately could have caused his bladder to fail and he would have died a painful death. However, Louie immediately had surgery by a Board Certified Surgeon at the Madison Veterinary Specialists, and the outcome was spectacular. Louie had 8 weeks of “pen rest” and was eager to get on with life!

Louie has developed beautifully into a trusting and intelligent companion. He enjoys the three other dogs in his “family” here at the farm. Louie is a therapy dog “in-training,” and he enjoys meeting, people. Louie 's dog DNA test showed that he is part Border Collie crossed with an Alaskan Malamute… these are the great grandparents of Louie! No one knows what other dogs have contributed to the wonderful personality exhibited by Louie!

Louie and his Therapy Dog friends meet residents at Schmitt Woodland Hills and at Our House alternating Monday mornings at 9:30. Louie would be most agreeable to a visit from you to see the dogs interact with people.     Louie rests at Howl

Sporting a “Lion Cut” fur-style, Louie will be out and about at OMHS events. Be sure to come to say hello to this fine fellow and take him for a walk or give him a treat. He LOVES string cheese! He will do almost anything for string cheese!

Louie and his family are most grateful to his friends and neighbors for sponsoring his Mascot campaign. Louie raised $3044 for the Emergency Medical Fund for pets like him who need specialized medical care right away! Louie looks forward to meeting you and the rest of his adoring public! 

Louie's word of advice:  "Neuter your dogs to lessen the risk of perineal hernias."

Next up on the OMHS events calendar is the Paws Fur the Holidays.  Watch for further information and plan to attend… or maybe, volunteer!

Join OMHS as a member and recieve the newsletter, Pet Connection, to get all the news and the list of donor and volunteer names. Go to the membership page and enroll now!  November is membership month.  You will be glad you joined an energetic, active, caring non-profit organization.



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Rummage Romp for Pets was a Fine Success!

The Rummage Romp for Pets held in July was a great success with some new ideas that worked out very well!  The amount raised was $2087.65 and our expenses were $436.00, primarily for advertising. This was the 8th year for the Rummage Romp for Pets and it continues to grow in volunteer strength, donation of items of quality and interest, and in the curiosity of the shopping community for intereting items at a good price! 

There was a marvelous volunteer staff to make this important fund raiser successful. Thirty volunteers helped with the set-up on Friday afternoon and the whole procedure went smoothly… we were almost done by 3 p.m.!  A record!  Chair for the event was Judy, ably assisted by Mari Sue and Jeannie. 

Doors opened at 7:00 a.m. and plenty of folks were in line to be first to get the great items for sale!  Mari Sue provided dvd music as background to encourage a great shopping experience, and Joanne and Marilyn had home-baked cinnamon rolls and brownies, coffee, and lemonade for sale to energize the shoppers.  It was the total shopping experience!

OMHS is very grateful to the volunteers and to the shoppers who made this event a success.  The dollars raised are so important for sheltering, feeding, providing the medical care needs, and, of course, the TLC for the vulnerable animals in the temporary care of OMHS.  Be an adopter and make the stay in OMHS care very short for a dog or cat, pup or kitten!

A complete list of volunteers, as well as the donors of items is in the OMHS newsletter, Pet connection.  Become a member and get all the news details! Go to the membership page and sign on for a great cause!

Here is a photo of the Friday afternoon volunteers! (Just click on the image to see the entire picture!)

Rummage sale volunteers

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Prizes for Howl and Meow Contests!

The prize list is growing daily for the contests at Howl and Meow!  Stay tuned for new additions to the list.

Mascots of the Year…

Canine: 1st place

OMHS Tee shirt
OMHS Bandana
Free OMHS Pet Membership
$25 Bath and toenail clip at RVS
$20 Gift Certificate at Chet's Feed and Seed
1 OMHS can koozie
2 coupons for meal deals at Animal House
1 collar of choice
1 bag of Lean Treats
Rubber ball
2 Pet Toys
Made in USA rawhide bone


Canine: 2nd Place

OMHS Tee shirt
OMHS Bandana
Free Pet membership in OMHS
$10 Gift Card at Do-It-Center
$10 Gift Certificate at Chet's Feed and Seed
1 OMHS can koozie
1 collar of choice
1 coupon for meal deals at Animal House
Made in USA rawhide bone


Cat / Other species: First place

OMHS Tee shirt
OMHS Bandana
Free Pet membership in OMHS
$20 Gift Certificate at Chet's Feed and Seed
$10 Gift Certificate at Walsh Ace Hardware
Pet Odor Eliminator Candle… Vanilla
1 Laser light toy
1 OMHS can koozie
2 coupons for meal deals at Animal House
2 pkg Temptations Cat Treats

Cat / Other species: 2nd place

OMHS Tee shirt
OMHS Bandana
Free Pet membership in OMHS
$10 Gift Certificate at Chet's Feed and Seed
1 Laser light toy
1 OMHS can koozie
1 coupon for meal deal at Animal House
1 pkg Temptations Cat Treats


Scavenger Scramble

This visual Scramble is new this year.  Participate in this fun twist on a scavenger hunt!

First prize:

Free Pet Membership in OMHS ($5 value)
Free OMHScan koozie
Value basket coupon at Culvers
2 gift certificates for meal deal at Animal House
$5 gift card at Ed's Family Foods
$5 gift certificate Walsh Ace Hardware

Second prize for Scavenger Scramble:

Free Pet Membership in OMHS ($5)
Free OMHS can koozie
$5 gift card at Ed's Family Foods
Sundae coupon from Culvers
1 gift certificate for meal deal at Animal House

Stay tuned for more Scramble prizes!



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O’Delicious Bake Sale This Week!

Bakers are very busy this week preparing tasty items for the O'Delicious Bake Sale!  Stop at the Richland County Bank Lobby to pick up special treats for St. Patricks Day weekend.  The Sale begins at 9 and until about 1:00 or 1:30.  The sale concludes when we are sold out… at about those times listed.

New this year are beef and veggie pasties… a main course item that the Cornish culture claims, going back beyond the 13th century.  The pastie was a mid day meal that the miners could carry easily and feel filled up with the delicious beef and potato filling.

Veggie wraps and veggie packets are also available to pick up for a good, healthy lunch.

We look forward to seeing you as you browse the scones, biscotti, kolachy, Irish soda bread, homemade noodles, and traditional items such as cookies, bars, and cakes.  OMHS has great pie bakers and the cheesecake is out-of-this-world.

Help OMHS raise funds for the Pet Care fund that provides medicines, parasite prevention, and medical care for pets under our wing!

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Paws Fur the Holidays was a Splendid Day

November 8th marked OMHS's 13th annual Paws Fur the Holidays, and it was indeed a fun, furry day! With so much shopping, visiting, petting, bidding, and eating, OMHS knows that this event was enjoyable for people and critters alike.

OMHS would like to thank all participants, members, and volunteers for making this event such a great celebration and fundraiser. A little over $5000 was raised with your generous support, OMHS will continue caring for many cats and dogs until their new human families are found.

If you were unable to attend this year's event, don't worry; you can still renew your membership by sending the Membership Form and a check to Ocooch Mountain Humane Society, PO Box 229, Richland Center, WI 53581, or online at Thinking of becoming a member? Do it! We would love to have you.

Many volunteers worked to make the day successful and OMHS is very grateful for your spirit to make the event fun and successful. 

We do encourage more memberships  in our organization.  Join us in our work to help animals in need.

Happy Holidays from OMHS!


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