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Howl and Meow Success!

Howl and Meow was a grand success Sunday, May 4!

Just over $6,000 was raised to help with Pet Care costs and the Spay Neuter program.  OMHS is grateful to the participants and visitors to the event and for the generous pledges to the Pet Walk teams.  Dog Mascots of the year are Bud and Jackson, the companions of Sharon Panske, and the second place finishers are Daisy and Star, canine companions of Judy Krysko.  The Cat Mascot of the year is Sebastian, an OMHS cat in residence at the Adoption Center and wonderful fellow just waiting for a great home! Laura Payne was raising pledges for Sebastian.

OMHS is very pleased with the results of the Plant Sale! Over $900 was raised for the Spay Neuter program.  This was the largest monetary result for the Plant Sale now in its fourth year. A big thank you to the OMHS members and friends who donated plants. This was a difficult spring to find perennials in the garden to donate!  It had been such a difficult winter and spring has not been much help either for plants and gardeners.  But OMHS had a wonderful variety of plants for sale.  OMHS is very grateful to the K&A Greenhouse on Mineral Point Road, Verona WI, for the spectacular donation of "winter weary" shrubs and plants!  Their donation gave the OMHS sale a huge boost!  The donation by K&A was the key to the success of the plant sale!  If you shop in the Madison WI area be sure to visit the K&A Greenhouse for a terrific plant experience!  Tell them OMHS sent you.

Below please find photos from the Howl adventure.  Please note that young volunteer, Oliver, is shown in more than photo.  There was a running joke going on to have him in as many photos as possible. Another fun part of Howl and Meow.

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Howl and Meow: Get Ready for a Fun Day

    The Ocooch Mountain Humane Society encourages pet owners to join the fun at the Pet Walk, Sunday, May 4, at the Howl and Meow event held from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Community Center in Richland Center. The walking route is 1.5 miles.  The Pet Walk is a part of this 12th  annual event where the Mascots of the Year are determined by pledge dollars raised by the pets and their companions.  OMHS has a dog mascot and a cat or other species mascot chosen each year with  the honorees featured on the banner of the Pet Connection newsletter and also part of the OMHS website and on the Facebook page.
  Registration Form for the Pet Walk. It is also found on the Howl and Meow Events page on the main menu and on Facebook.
You may pick up a Registration form in Richland Center at Shireman Veterinary Clinic and the Richland Veterinary Service. Pledges can be made online, as well. Go to the Donation page on the website and choose either credit card or PayPal.  Be certain to indicate what the donation target is by placing the name of the pet in the comment box.
    Only dogs are invited to walk the Pet Walk route. However, Pet Walk chair, Sharon Panske, strongly encourages that cats, ferrets, reptiles, turtles, birds, fish, rats, or any other pet species be included in the competition for the mascot honor.  Bring a picture of your pet and take the photo with you on the Pet Walk.  When registering you must show proof that your dog's vaccinations are up-to-date.  The verification of vaccination is for the safety of your dog and all attendees at the event.
    Registration for the Pet Walk is 10 to 11 a.m. Sunday, May 4, and all pledge dollars must be turned in no later than 11:00 that morning…before the walk begins at 11:15.  
    The OMHS Howl and Meow Committee is optimistic that several of the Mascots from previous years will be in attendance. The OMHS mascot honors were the following: 2013, dogs Jackson and Bud, companions of Sharon Panske, cats Dunkie, companion of Mari Sue Bethke; 2012, dogs Daisy and Star, companions of Judith Krysko, cats Dennis, Zeus, Ziggy, companions of Craig and Cindy Chicker; 2011, dogs dogs Laddie and Willy, companions of Marlene and Russ Tilsner, cats Luna and Princess, companions of Carletta Heide; 2009 and 2010, dog Jackson, companion of Sharon Panske; 2008, dogs Toby and Sophie, companions of the Farrell/Hetzel family; 2007, dog McGyver companion of Carol and Steve Stevenson; 2006, dog Comet, companion of Lori Fuller; 2005, dog Molly, companion of Deb Kiely; 2004, dog Charlie, companion of Phyllis Kiely; 2003, Streak Lily, companion of Marie and Charles Barry; and the first year for the Pet Walk, 2002, dog C4, companion of Corey Davis, won the mascot honor.
    Other features planned for the Howl and Meow are the “Just for Fun” obstacle course for dogs, the Crazy Critter Quarter Raffle a video program by Littledale Farm “Working Sheepdogs,” a terrific Plant Sale, and the Grand and Glorious Food Stand.  Mark your calendar now for Howl and Meow.

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Howl and Meow Pet Walk, Sunday, May 4

Come join us for a fun-filled day!

Sunday, May 4, 2014
Community Center, 1050 N. Orange Street, Richland Center
10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Pet Walk
Registration 10 to 11 a.m.

Pledge $$ must be turned in no later than 11 a.m., May 4.
Walk begins at 11:15 a.m.
Only dogs are allowed to participate in the Pet Walk.

(Must bring proof of vaccinations for your dog to walk at the event.)

Other species are very welcome to be part of the Pet Walk that determines the
Mascot of the Year for OMHS!  Bring a photo of your pet… cat, ferret, gecko,
turtle, parakeet, whatever species your pet is, please enter the competition!

Begin NOW to raise pledge $$ to compete for the honor of Mascot of the Year.

A dog mascot and an other species mascot will be determined.  The Mascots of the Year
are featured on the banner of the OMHS Pet Connection newsletter!

Click here for  Registration Form for the Pet Walk. It is also found on the Howl and Meow Events page on the main menu.  Click on the link and download the form and get busy signing up your followers!  Your friends and family can pledge for your pet online or by USPS.  Go to the Donation Page on the main menu.

Please consider becoming a member of OMHS @ $10 per individual
or $25 for a family membership.

Stay tuned for complete information about the Howl and Meow event including the Dog Obstacle Course, the Plant Sale, and more. 

See you at Howl and Meow.

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Paws for the Holidays was a Fine Success!

The 11th Paws for the Holidays lived up to all expectations with all venues busy the entire day.  Over 160 hot dogs were sold, a record for the annual event. Carletta, general chair of the event and co-chair of the Grand and Glorious Food stand was so pleased with the kitchen volunteers and with the number of diners who enjoyed the Chicago Style hot dogs and Chili dogs.

The Pet Portraits booth started the activities going when Jean and Miss Lily arrived prior to the 10 a.m. opening of the event.  They had another important engagement so photographer Lori Lettman and her assistants went into action to get this portrait accomplished.  Volunteers Debra, Joanne, and Mari Sue were busy all day working with the 24 portrait clients.  It was a very good day for pets and people.  Please see the gallery below of some of the portraits. Just over $350 was raised with the portraits. We are pleased with that help for pet care costs, but we are most pleased by the quality of the photos and the smiles and good fun had by everyone involved!

The Live Auction was a new feature for the OMHS Paws event and it proved to be very successful.  Over $1600 was raised in the auction under the able guidance of Danny Sheafor, well known and favorite auctioneer in Richland County and the area. Penny Sheafor worked side by side with husband Danny and recorded the bidder number, the lot, and the selling price.  Pam, Marilyn, and an unidentified young boy displayed the 24 items beginning with a 14 inch Roseville mixing bowl that brought $70 from the high bidder.  The highest selling items were the hand made quilt by Phil Poole and a  hand made quilt by Ron Fruit, each of which were sold at $190.  OMHS is very grateful for the high quality donations from members and friends.  We hope to have a Live Auction again in 2014. 

The Silent Auction raised an astounding $900 plus dollars for OMHS and the Pet Care costs.  Again the quality and variety of items provided interesting challenges for bidding.  Chet's Feed and Seed provided donations of dog food and bags of kitty litter that were of great interest to pet owners.  And the top bidders on the Chet's items were placed in a hat and a winner chosen who won a $50 gift certificate at Chet's!  Sharon won that extra $50!

The Amazing Bake Sale raised over $500, the Food Stand raised over $900, and the Shoppe 'til you Drop raised over $700!  Therefore, Paws for the Holidays was a financially successful event for OMHS.  We have no events scheduled in the deep winter months of 2014, therefore the success of Paws is crucial to continuing programs such as the Spay Neuter voucher project and to pay veterinary bills for vital pet care costs of those dogs, cats, and kittens in our care until they are adopted. 

Watch the OMHS News page for information about a Challenge Grant to sustain the Spay Neuter voucher project.

Enjoy these portrait sittings!

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Live Auction to begin at 12:30 p.m. at Paws for the Holidays!

There is a change in the Live Auction starting time… the auction will begin at 12:30 p.m. rather than 12:45.  The change is necessary because of the large number of items in both the Silent and Live auctions.  With the Live auction concluding at about 1:00 to 1:15, there would be little or no time for any late bids in the Silent Auction.  We want to give everyone the opportunity to put in late bids in the Silent Auction.

Be certain to register for a bidding number for the Live Auction.  You must have a number to enter the bidding challenge for this auction.


Come enjoy Paws for the Holidays and support the important work of OMHS!

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Live Auction and Silent Auction Featured at Paws for the Holidays!

Silent Auction begins at 10 a.m. and will finish up at 1:15

Live Auction with Danny Sheafor, auctioneer, begins at 12:30… this is a change in schedule because of the number of items in both auctions!  We want to give everyone the opportunity to partake of both auctions! 

Ocooch Mountain Humane Society is very pleased to announce that the following items have been donated for the Silent Auction!  Bidding sheets are being prepared for each item with a minimum bid listed to encourage generous bidding for this charity event.  Below is a list of items in the Silent Auction and gallery of photos illustrating a large percentage of the donated items.  Gift Certificates, Gift Cards, and Coupons are not photographed. Bidding begins at 10 a.m.

Quilted wall hanging "Holiday Kitten"
Handcrafted kitten toys   Will sell as EACH
Cedar, hand built  bird feeder
Cedar, hand built  bird feeder
Llama fiber handwoven rug
Handmade tied quilt
Quilted candle coasters
Christmas stocking  for a Golden Retriever
Christmas stocking for a Labrador

Grip Trex dog paw wear Large size
Grip Trex dog paw wear Large size
Cat gift basket with every toy and treat a cat could want!
Winter scene print
Bobwhite Quail print

Coupon for winning bid… 35# Canidae Dog Food all life stages  (No photos for these 6 coupons)
2 20# clumping kitty litter… coupon for winning bid
2 20# clumping kitty litter…coupon for winning bid
2 20# clumping kitty litter…coupon for winning bid
50# Premium Wildbird seed + 12 suet cakes…coupon for winning bid
Coupon 35# Canidae all life stages (dog)…coupon for winning bid

( Please note:  The winning bids for the items donated by Chet's Feed and Seed will be placed in a hat. And one name will be drawn out to win a $50 gift certificate!  So bid to win on the items from Che'ts.)

Lonesome Stone Mill gift box of custom milled flours/meals   (See Lonesome Stone Mill on Facebook) 
Lonesome Stone gift certificate
Precious Moments figurine  No photo available
Mary Kay Gift Basket          No photo available
Meister Cheese Gift Box      No photo available

Mother Goose and other stuffed toy animal assortment… from a collector's estate. Toys are unused.
Paddington Bear and assortment of other stuffed toy animals… unused/from a collector's estate
Moose and other animal assortment of stuffed toy animals… unused/from a collector's estate
Soft Sorter Toy for baby
Wildlife print   Turkey
Coupon for winning bid… Pure SEA grain-free dog food  (No photo of coupon)
Anne Geddes print with two babies

Fresh Holiday Tree from Schaller's Tree Farm
Gift card Weggy Winery    No photo of this gift card

Gift card Weggy Winery       No photo of this gift card
Bas relief clay plaque created from an old German Rolling Pin
Large quilted tote bag… 16 x 16 inches

Click on images to enlarge them for better viewing.

The Live Auction at Paws will feature 24 select items for bidding.  Danny Sheafor, a long-time, popular auctioneer, and familiar voice in the Richland County community, will be the auctioneer!  We are delighted that Danny will donate his time and talent for the Paws for the Holidays auction!  The auction will begin at 12:30, don't be late to get in on the action bidding on these excellent items listed below.  A gallery of photos is below as well.

Register for a Bidding Number at the Membership table, please.

Yellow ware 11 inch mixing bowl  Excellent condition!
Oakwood Fruit Farm gift box
15.5 inch x 10 inch hardwood cutting board   Jewell Hollow Woodcraft
Stained glass piece    2 penguins
Royal Copenhagen Pointer Puppy Sculpture Figurine… Erik Nielsen, sculptor, 1911
Gardening with Herbs print from watercolor painting
Birdbath & de-icer   Just what the birds want for winter!
Early Rowe Pottery jug
Handwoven llama fiber rug w fringe
1890 German Milk Pot
It's a Dog's Life quilt created, quilted by Ron Fruit
Friendly Fantasy Puppet created by Michele Beslisle
2 architectural study photos of European portals, beautifully framed.
Sand art piece   very fragile
14 inch Roseville mixing bowl   Excellent condition

15.5 inch x 10 inch hardwood cutting board   Jewell Hollow Woodcraft
Dragonfly sterling silver pin … opals  
Hand quilted "Let it snow" quilt created by Philomena Poole
Original watercolor painting of Poppies
Rabbit:designer pin… sterling          Photo available in a few days.
Early Rowe Pottery jar  
Felted llama wool vest                  .
Early Rowe Pottery   larger jar
Cat theme table runner…hand quilted
Ertl Toy Tractor and Wagon from St. Joseph's Equipment Case IH
1 pie per month for 6 months by the Pie Guy!  (No photo…just imagine amazing, prize-winning pies!)
Swissgear backpack by Wenger (The Swiss Army Knife corporation.)

Gallery of photos for Live Auction:click on images to enlarge them.


Please support the work of the Ocooch Mountain Humane Society… celebrate pets and people at Paws for the Holidays. 

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The 11th Paws for the Holidays Celebration is Scheduled for November 9!

Mark your calendar now for Paws for the Holidays, celebrated Saturday, November 9, at the Community Center in Richland Center!

The Paws event is a popular and fun event with so many features packed into the 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. time-frame that it takes your breath away!  There is something for everyone at Paws for the Holidays.  There is no admission charged for the event. We welcome members, friends, and acquaintances to gather together prior to the crush of holiday activities and have an enjoyable day with OMHS.

Featured activities:
(The doors open at 10 for the general public.  If you are donating an item or two, you can enter at 8:30 a.m.)

Amazing Bake Sale with mouthwatering traditional and ethnic treats by some of the best bakers in Wisconsin.  If you would like to donate a delicious item for the sale, call Becky at 608-475-0313.  We would be delighted to have you bring your specialty baked goods. Home prepared jams, jellies, and pickles are very welcome as are homemade noodles and candies!

Shoppe 'til You Drop will again be managed by Georgia and Susan.  They will have many items for pets and for people at very reasonable prices.  The items for sale are all donated and many of the selections are handmade.  If you have something to donate… handmade or not… please call 608-604-3483. 

The Grand and Glorious Food Stand will be offering Chicago style hot dogs as well as tasty chili.  Of course, a chili dog is definitely on the menu, too. Homemade pie and ice cream rounds out the menu.  Would you bake a pie for the G & G Food Stand?  Please call Carletta at 647-3461.  Pet Food Pantry:  Bring a 3-pound or larger bag of cat or dog food and receive a voucher for 50 cents off your menu order at the Grand and Glorious Food Stand.  Take your donation to the Membership table to receive your voucher.  Thank you for helping the Pet Food Pantry assist lower income individuals and families feed their pets.

Paws for the Holidays Silent Auction:  The bidding sheets are ready for the Auction to begin at 10 a.m.  We have over 30 fine items for the auction this year we are and ready to go.  We have closed the donation time for the Silent Auction as of 12 noon, October 27. Please check out the News page with a gallery of photos and a listing of the donated items and the donors.  We look forward to a very good Silent Auction to bring in much needed funds to help with Pet Care needs.

A LIVE AUCTION is the new feature at the November 9 event!  OMHS is grateful to local auctioneer Danny Sheafor for donating his talent and time for this special auction. (Sheafor Farms Auctions is a well-respected company serving this area of Wisconsin for many years.)  We have over 25 pieces to be sold by Danny.  Please go to the News page and view a gallery of the excellent items ready for your bid!

Pet Portraits is always a favorite at Paws for the Holidays and this year we have Lori Lettman, a professional photographer, taking the photos of people and their pets! Bring your dog or cat for a wonderful sitting with Lori. Go to her website to view her work with people and animals.  or go to Facebook              

Definitely plan to be in the photo with your pet.  Our experience with pet photography at the event is that dogs and cats are not very willing to sit alone calmly for a photo when many activities are going on all around them, and interesting distractions are everywhere at Paws for the Holidays.  Suggestion: if you have a black dog, do not wear a black shirt because the two of you will blend together.  The same goes for white dogs and white shirts!  If possible, do not wear a shirt with printing on it… people will tend to “read” the photo image.
Proofs will be ready for you to view in just a short time, and the prints will be prepared for you within 30 minutes.  The Pet Portrait menu with prices and options is below. We have frames, greeting cards, and stainless steel travel mugs for you to choose as special photo gifts for family and friends. Prices are very reasonable for professional quality images. Dogs must be on leash and up-to-date on vaccinations. Cats should be in carriers and, if possible, wearing a harness.

It is entertaining to see the variety of pets that come with their companions for a portrait sitting!  The pets are so proud to be photographed with their humans!  They feel very special to be with their special person! And we know they are, indeed, special.

Pet Portrait Menu…Paws for the Holidays!
Photos are completed while you wait. You will treasure an image of your beloved pet! Portrait options include:
High-resolution, fully-edited photo with full print release which allows you to do anything with your photo (on disc we supply or bring your own flash drive so you can use the image anywhere and for anything.. even poster size! You can print a thousand or more of these high resolution images… sky's the limit.)      BEST VALUE      $15.00
4×6 photo in greeting card of choice with envelope, perfect holiday greeting.      $5.00
4×6 photo in frame you choose…black, walnut, or silver finish.                         $8.00
4×6 photo in stainless steel travel mug…take your pet “on the go.”                 $12.00
4×6 photo unframed, with mat, you frame photo at home.                             $4.00
Processing additional proof if you have difficulty choosing just one image.        $5.00
Thank you for your support of OMHS Pet Portraits feature!

Cookbooks! The "Purrfect Recipes for the Whole Doggone Family" are all but sold out!  We still have a few to sell at Paws for the Holidays.  When the books are gone, they are gone.  The Cookbook Committee made the decision NOT to reorder.  So these fine books will be collector's items! If you have waited to purchase books for gifts do not delay!  Buy now. $12.00 each

Membership and Tee Shirt Table: Become a member of OMHS for a very reasonable membership rate!  Be as active as you want in this organization.  OR, if you are a member, Paws for the Holidays is a great opportunity to renew your membership!  November is OMHS membership month!  We have new tee and sweatshirts for sale.  You will want a new shirt or two to wear and proudly show your support of OMHS.

Special Display of Original Art by Sierra Tiegs is another new feature of the 2013 Paws for the Holidays!  Sierra is a talented young artist who has recently completed her Art degree at UW LaCrosse.  Her spectacular, original pencil drawings are for sale at very reasonable prices.  Below are three examples of Sierra's work!



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Antique Adventures Sucess!

The weather could not have been better for the first-ever Antique Adventures event!  Sunny and pleasant summer temperatures prevailed for this very enjoyable event. Over $500 was raised to help the Ocooch Mountain Humane Society with the continuing costs of pet care for the dogs and cats that come under our wing. The gross income for the day was over $900, but there were overhead costs for rental of the Community Center, advertising, and expenses for the food stand.  However, we are pleased with the $500 that was raised. And we intend to increase attendance for the event in 2014. 

The informational programs were very special and well attended. OMHS if very grateful to Ross Halverson, David Ewing, Nancy Andrich, Margie Ide, and Suzanne Ewing for generously sharing their passion for restoring, collecting, and learning about items from the past! 

The evaluators were kept busy with many interesting items brought to the event.  And the outdoor display, although small in numbers, included a variety of vehicles cared for by avid collectors.  Indoor displays exhibited a wide variety of antiques in the collections of local people. 

Antique Adventures lived up to the expectations of the Committee in every way.  The survey completed by the participants and the phone calls and person to person contacts with attendees at the event were excellent.  Some of the comments included: well organized event, excellent lighting for evaluations, 10 to 2 time frame excellent, great cause, no crowding of displays and evaluators, excellent food, programs were very well done, and the list goes on. 

The Committee is looking forward to implementing new ideas such as allowing attendees to bring up to 3 items for evaluation and searching for additional evaluators and 4 new program presentations for the September 2014 Antique Adventures. 

Enjoy the photos below:

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Rummage Romp sale was successful!

OMHS extends a thank you to everyone who worked at the sale and to those generous people who donated items for this colossal sale!

The OMHS Pet Care Fund is now enhanced by just over $1400!  That is a wonderful boost to help with one of the biggest costs OMHS endures each month.

Special thanks to Tom and Mary Rondeau for their work setting up the sale and cleaning up after the sale. 

Again Carletta Heide did a splendid job organizing and overseeing the Rummage Romp.

FYI: The Pet Connection newsletter will detail all of the helpers and everyone who donated to the sale.  So join OMHS to get all the juicy details and news for what is going on in this vital community organization.  Go to the membership page and join us as we work hard to help pets in need.

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Antique Adventures, August 17, is a new event for OMHS.

Don't miss this new event!

Antique Adventures
Saturday, August 17
10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Community Center, 1050 N. Orange Street, Richland Center WI

Antique Adventures will become a reality for OMHS on Saturday, August 17, at the Community Center, 1050 Orange Street, Richland Center, beginning at 10 a.m.  We have a roster of evaluators ready to look at items brought by the public. The evaluations are not legally binding appraisals for estate purposes, but more like the opinions and ideas expressed on Antiques Roadshow, one of the most popular television programs about collecting antiques. 

Putting together a totally new event for OMHS is a large undertaking, but the Antique Adventures Committee has designed a full slate of interesting activities for those who enjoy collecting items from the past. Come to the event and join the fun and learn more about the antiques and collectibles you enjoy.

Evaluators of antique items:

Tom McMahon           Furniture speciality
Terry Ziebarth             Civil War, pottery, country and folk art specialty
John Scribbins           General antique appraisals
Nancy Andrich            General antique appraisals
Dawn Kiefer               Jewelry and Vinyl
Phyllis Keller               Jewelry
Patrick Metz                Books and ephemera… postcards, posters, "things" on paper
Margie Ide                     Vintage clothing and textiles
Nancy Edwards          Textiles
Larry Schlafer             Coins and metals

Educational programs:

10:15 – 10:45 a.m.     "Restoring the Old Lone Rock Flour Mill"  with Ross Halverson, restorer, Lone Rock WIRoss is a very capable restorer of buildings, a real craftsman. Ross will introduce the audience to the monumental task of restoring the Old Mill!

11:00-11:30 a.m.       "Collecting… Past, Present, and Future" with Nancy Andrich, Rubicon WINancy has 40 years experience in the antique business and will share her vision of collecting for the future.

11:40-12 noon           "Collecting Vintage Clothing," with Margi Ide, Richland Center. Margie has great affection for vintage clothing and has been in the antique business for many years.

12:15-12:45 p.m.       "The Great Portrait Mystery: Photography, Charcoal, or Both,"
                                             with David Ewing, Richland Center.  Davd is a collector of many, many things. His presentation will focus on the photo portraits we have all seen… a large portrait but with the "look" of a charcoal drawing.  

1:00-1:30 p.m.            "Antique Quilt Fabrics and Reproducing Fabric Patterns Today," 
                                        Suzanne Unbehaun, Richland Center.  Suzanne is a long time quilter, with great appreciation for antique quilts.  She is now presently involved with the investigation and reproduction of patterns and quilt fabrics of the past.

We are so very pleased to have these programs presented by generous and talented people, so very enthusiastic about what they are collecting and what they are doing to preserve the past.  Thank you, one and all!


In addition to the evaluators and the educational programs, there will be displays of favorite items from local collector's stashes!
Plan to visit these collector displays.

Dean Berry   Native American Stone Artifacts

Danny Sheafor       Amazing Collection of Postcards

Jane Kintz          Collection of Art Deco, Fiesta Ware, and Modern items

Lorraine Ewing        Extensive Jewel Tea china collection

Kent Houck         Early wireless collection pieces

David Ewing        Pin Cushions, plus

Marilyn Loft Houck         Advertising Art

Richland County Historical Society

Richland County History Room, Brewer Library

Outdoor Display:

The parking area at the Community Center will illustrate another facet of collecting items from the past, namely beautiful, functional items on wheels.  We hope to have collector cars among the displayed pieces.

      Display pieces: 

A 1954 French Solex motorized bicycle exhibited by Kent and Marilyn Houck 

A 1968 Jeep, a 50 gqllon pumper from the Sparta Fire Department. The Jeep is safety green and is all tricked out with siren and lights…it is very nice! Exhibited by Tom Rondeau

A 1968 Harley Davidson motorcycle exhibited by Tom Berger

An extraordinary collection of very early Harley Davidson motorcycle items and 3 Briggs and Stratton engines from the 1920's. Included in the Harley Davidson items is exhibited photos and other memorabilia of Perry Mack. This is a must see exhibit for Harley Davidson riders and fans. Dick Werner, exhibitor

If you have a collector car, and older motorcycle, or bicycle, please contact OMHS and join in the fun!

The Grand and Glorious Food Stand:
The food stand will have a delicious menu for the day.  The signature Chicago Hot Dogs is at the head of the menu list, followed by homemade barbeque.  Chips, cookies, and a variety of beverages round out the menu.  The Chicago dogs are the traditional dog with the neon green relish, poppyseed buns, and all the other trimmings that make this a great taste treat. 

Door Prize!
We have an antique butter churn donated as a Door Prize for Antique Adventures.  At the admission table you can sign up if you are REALLY interested in the piece.  We will try to have a photo posted on this page soon.  The drawing for the prize will be at 1:45 p.m.

Admission: Because Antique Adventures is a charity event with the OMHS benefiting from the proceeds, we are charging admission to adults.  Children under 12 years of age are admitted free of charge.

            $10 Collector Admission gives you the opportunity to bring 2 items from your collection of antiques and collectibles for evaluation and also to watch and listen to the other evaluations of antiques, visit the displays of items from the past, and to attend the educational programs. 

                       $5 General Admission gives you the opportunity to watch and listen to the evaluations, visit the displays of items from the past, and to attend the educational programs.

We ask that attendees at Antique Adventures leave pets at home for this event.  Give your pets a great treat and leave them to snooze on the sofa or in another favorite spot! 

No firearms manufactured after 1899 will be allowed.

Here are photos of some of the collector pieces for the Outdoor Display: click on the image to enlarge it.

Gilberts VW camper Motorized French Bicycle 1954_edited-1 2013-07-29_17-52-37_968

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