Doudna School

Humane Education team visits Doudna School.

Two hundred nineteen K-3 graders welcomed the OMHS Humane Education team to Doudna Elementary School on May 19, a beautiful spring day!

Doudna students meet Sophie

The students were eager to learn about Sophie, the Bull Mastiff, and the program focused on safety for pets and people. Rebecca, Sophie's human companion, stressed the importance of using good common sense and good manners when meeting a new dog. Speaking to the dog's handler/owner and asking if the dog can be petted is one of the first item of good manners. If you are new to a dog allow the dog's handler be the guide regarding how to meet and greet the canine. 

The student's at Doudna School were challenged to learn about the dangers of heat in vehicles by conducting a simple experiment using a thermometer in a car or truck on a warm day. The OMHS team asked the teachers and students to submit their findings to the OMHS team for use in further education programs about the danger of leaving pets in vehicles at at parking lot while the owners shop. Local input and results of the experiment can be very meaningful in future programs.

The OMHS team had a great time at Doudna School and St. Mary's School and agreed that each program presented teaches the team a great deal about the need to continue the project. Plus is it fun to be with the youngsters!

Doudna School Presentation

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