Our Vision

The OMHS vision for the future is to build an animal shelter of adequate size to accommodate the needs of pets in Richland County who are awaiting permanent loving homes. The steady growth of the Ocooch Mountain Humane Society since its humble beginnings in 2001 continues the slow and careful progress towards constructing a shelter. The building will be planned to meet the needs of programs and projects and, of course, to provide the continued care for dogs and cats, to socialize them, to keep their environment safe, healthy, and clean, and be a focal point of pride in a wonderful community that does care about quality of life.

  • The shelter would continue the all-volunteer philosophy of the organization and would have no paid employees.
  • OMHS receives no public monies and relies completely on private donations and fund raising efforts.
  • Keeping in mind the fundamental principles of the community it serves the OMHS Board is proceeding carefully and thoughtfully toward the goal of building a shelter.
  • Planning the physical realities of the building will be a task demanding frugality, creativity, and common sense in the use of donated funds. The building must be one that requires low maintenance costs in order to use the larger part of available funds to continue to care for the animals under the wing of OMHS.
  • The goal is to have a building under construction within the next 1 to 2 years. OMHS realizes that this economically stressful time will add real challenge to the shelter vision.

To donate skills or funds for the building project please email info@ocoochmountainhumanesociety.org.
You can donate online on our Donation page.


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