Photos and a List of Silent Auction Donations for Paws Fur the Holidays

Below is a partial listing and photos of the items donated for the Silent Auction as of October 29.

Landscape print by Kathy Glasnap, framed, number 27 in an edition of 250. Farmscape, donated by JH and DG.

Print by Randall Spangler, 8×8 inches, framed, number 132 of 350 edition, Fantasy print, "Sleep Tight,"
         donated by MB.

Print by Randall Spanglecr, 8×8 inches, framed, number 373 of 500 edition, fantasty print, "Bubble Fairies,"
         donated by MB.

Set of 6 COHR Denmark Silver Plated Candleholders, Denmark collectibles, donated by MR.

Beaded necklace #1, created and donated by TM.

Beaded necklace #2, created and donated by TM.

Beaded earrings #1, created and donated by TM.

Rowe Pottery Decorated Jar #1, donated by D and F R.

Rowe Pottery Decorated Jar #2, donated by D and F R.

Noah's Ark Animal throw, donated by HB and MSB.

Holiday Cookbooks from Taste of Home, donated anonymously.

Pillsbury Family Christmas Book, doanted annonymously.

Toy Stuffed Animals from a Collector, donated by D and F R.

2 coupons for 40# bags of Victor dog food, Chicken and Rice or Lamb and Rice,
                        donated by Chet's Feed and Seed.

6 coupons for 20# bags of Natural Kitty Litter, donated by Chet's Feed and Seed.

1 bag of Premium Wildbird Food plus Suet Cakes, donated by Chet's Feed and Seed.

1   $25 Gift Coupon for shopping at Mister G's in the Richland Square, donated by Mister G's.

Gift Box plus coupon for apples and cider from Oakwood Fruit Farm, Richland Center, donated by Oakwood.

Ceramic Sculpture of Hawk Owl, donated by DK.

Aggressive Jake, turkey hunting decoy, donated by the Huntin' Shack, Richland Center.

1  $25 Gift Coupon for shopping at K & A Furniture, Richland Center, donated by J of K&A.

1 $25 Gift Coupon for a cheese box at Meister Cheese, Muscoda, WI, donated by Meister Cheese.

5 Wooden Cutting Boards created and donated by Jewell Hollow Woodworks, Richland Center.  Separtate Auction items.

Handmade Cat Blanket, created and donated by DS.

Coca Cola set: Pitcher, 6 Glasses, and Tray, donated by anonymous.

Mainstay's 102×90 Quilt, donated by anonymous.

Literate Cat, book with photos and quotations by famous authors, donated by MSB.

Gift Certificate from Weggy Winery, Richland Center.

Pie Guy, 6 wonderful homemade pies: you select when and what you want.  Donated by DH.

Mary Kay Products: Cleanser, Moisturizer, and vanilla-sugar hand cream, donated by MSB.

Gift Box from Lonesome Stone Milling, Lone Rock, Wisconsin. 

Original Water Color Painting of a Cat, Framed, created and donated by ST.

Leather Badger Jacket, mint condition, worn twice in 15 years! He lost weight! Donated by JG.

W S George Covered Casserole and a Casserole Dish without Cover,  c. 1940's, donated by DK.

Beside Lamp with Farmer Child and Animal Theme, donated by MSB.

Gallery of images will follow later today…October 31.   Have had a bit of trouble uploading photos!  Please stay tuned!




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New Space Provides Additional Cage Free Location

     Make an appointment to visit the new Haseltine Adoption Center providing additional space for cats and kittens!

     OMHS is pleased to announce that this new additional cage-free space location was found conveniently located on Haseltine Street in Richland Center for OMHS to give even more help and shelter to cats. The space has fitted-out several spacious rooms for the cats. Meeting the needs of cats and kittens in a cage-free environment is key to the philosophy of OMHS and the Adoption Coordinators. The Haseltine Adoption Center is open for viewing of cats only by appointment only.  Please call 604-2075.
    The Adoption Center at Schmitt Woodland Hills Retirement Center continues with hours on Wednesdays, from 4:30 to 6 p.m. and Saturdays from 9:30 to 12 noon. Or by appointment at 604-8834. These hours and interview arrangements are coordinated very capably by Bonnie Arbegust and Judy Loft. Give us a call and come interview wonderful, socialized pets!

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Paws Fur the Holidays, Saturday, November 8

This is the 13-year celebration of Paws Fur the Holidays and the final OMHS fundraising event of 2014. We welcome you to join the fun at the Community Center, 1050 North Orange Street, Richland Center, and to share the joy of pets and people gathering prior to the holiday crush of activities. 

The Paws Committee,  Carletta Heide, Laura Payne, Sharon Panske, and Judy Quade, have great plans in place for your enjoyment.  We encourage you to attend, and, if you would like, to volunteer or donate an item or two we would be grateful.

Meet Our Furry Friends Ready for Adoption: Cats will be ready for interviews for adoption in the Meeting Room.  Dogs ready for adoption will be on leash and handled by foster parents or members of the Dog Adoption Committee. Stop in and meet the Cat Adoption Coordinators and the some of the wonderful pets under their care until that perfect household adopts them. 

Shoppe 'til You Drop:  An area for those special handmade items that you may choose for the holiday gift season… or, perhaps, as a gift for you!  Georgia and Susan will be hosting this area assisted by Jeannie. If you have items to donate, please bring them to the Community Center by 8:00 a.m.

Pet Portraits: This is a great photo opp for you and your pets.  Images can be placed on disk or flash drive.  Sharon Panske is the photographer. 

Amazing Bake Sale:  Delicious and special are words to describe the array of baked and created goods! Kolache, scones, krumkake, kringle, pies, biscotti, breads, cookies, bars, and treats for dogs are just some of the delicious items you will find.  If you are donating a baked or other items, please bring it to the Community Center by 9 a.m. so Becky Schwab can display it on the tables.

Silent Auction:  Always a popular feature with quality items to encourage competitive bidding, you can donate an item that is handmade or commercial up to 12 midnight, November 1.  Bidding sheets will be prepared November 2.  Bidding concludes at 1:15 with the winning bids announced at 1:45.  You must be present to claim your item, or ask someone else to pick it up.  All items must be paid for the day of the event.  Watch the website for photos and a list of Silent Auction items beginning Wednesday, October 29. The listing will grow as more items are donated. Call 608-647-6453 to donate an item,

New this year:  Mini Obstacle Course for Dogs is set up outdoors and will include poles, a tunnel, sit box, and a hurdle for people to run their dogs through for fun.  (Please no retractable leashes.  These could cause problems with controlling multiple dogs in a group. Thank you.)

The Grand and Glorious Food Stand:  Features the popular Chicago Dog, chili, chips, soda, and pie. Would you consider baking a pie for the event?  Please call 608-647-3461.

Membership, New and Renew:  November is membership month for OMHS!  Join OMHS at the same membership rates we started with in 2001.  Join OMHS at Paws Fur the Holidays.  Renew your membership at Paws!

Recycle Cell Phones and Used Ink Cartridges at Paws Fur the Holidays!  Package them up right now so you do not forget!

Volunteers Needed:  OMHS needs volunteers for a variety of jobs.  Please call 608-647-3461 if you can give an hour or two of your time and talent!

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A Few Photos of the Blessing of Animals

October 1 found almost 50 people celebrating the Feast of St. Francis at St. Barnabas Episcopal Church in Richland Center.  Here are a few photos shared by Dawn Kiefer, Editor, The Richland Observer.  The Ocooch Mountain Humane Society co-sponsored the event with St. Barnabas Church congregation.

Thank you, Dawn, for the photographs. 

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Antique Adventures an Enjoyable Day!

Antique Adventures was enjoyed by many folks on a lovely September day!  Below are photos of the activities and the collections viewed.

OMHS thanks the collectors and evaluators (indoor and outdoors) and program presenters!   OMHS is grateful to the Richland County Historical Society for partnering with us for the programs. 

A very surprising outcome of the Seifert program was a Richland County resident arrived carrying a Paul Seifert painting!  It was a farm scene, framed in original frame, with all the bells and whistles of a Seifert work. The individual who brought the painting to the event can identify his grandfather, two uncles, and the children in the painting.  This was a very exciting part of the event!  Joe Kapler, curator of the Seifert exhibit for the Wisconsin Historical Society, was right there to see and give suggestions on how and what to do about the water-stains on the painting. The owners says he has kept the painting in the closet…and that is a good thing.  Now he needs to remove the wooden backing that is leaking acid into the painting and have acid-free museum board applied to protect the fragile watercolor.  It is believed that the painting was done in the 1880's.  The farm site is right down the road from another farm that was painted around the same time.  Excitement at the Antique Adventures!

If you attended the Antique Adventures, please email OMHS to let us know your opinion of the event.

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Gracie has a New Home

Congratulations, Gracie!  You have found a wonderful home and are already settled in!  Purr to your heart's content!

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Connor is a Very Big Cat Ready for Adoption

Do you like big cats? Are you just enamored with the bigger bodied domestic cat?  

Well, Connor will be a great cat for your household. He weighs in over 10 pounds full of life and energy… but he loves his naps, too!  He is about 2 years old, very friendly with people and other cats.  He is just an all-around great guy.  Connor is neutered, up-to-date on vaccinations, tested negative for FiV, and is ready to move out of the "cage-free" Adoption Center and into a new home where he can settle in to a great life. Connor is a mackerel tabby as you can see in his photos… classic "M" on his forehead and the striped fur coat pattern.  He will settle in to a home easily with his experiences here at the Adoption Center.

You can interview Connor at his "digs" at the Adoption Center where he enjoys the other cats and the activities there.  The address is 1400 West Seminary Street, Richland Center and the hours are Wednesdays, 4:30 to 6 and Saturdays, 9:30 to 12 noon.  You may also choose to call for more information at 608-604-8834 or 604-2075. 

Connor will be awaiting your visit.

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Winnie is a Little Cutie

Winnie is the cutest little girl!  And she is being readied, in a foster home, for adoption.  Winnie weighs about 8 pounds… yes, she is under-weight a bit for a poodle/schnauzer mix.  She came to OMHS as a little dog very much in need of love and attention.  She needed good quality food to get her up to a healthier weight.  Her foster care situation is just perfect for her and she is responding VERY well,.

Winnie is 2 years old, she is neutered and up-to-date on vaccinations.  She loves playing with smaller dogs and she is finding that she loves being on a lap!!  Winnie will be the perfect household pet!

Winnie has been selected as one of the Pets of the Month for October. 

Call to interview her at 608-604-7848.  You will be charmed by this lovely little dog!

  photo 4 photo 3

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Alyssa is a Youngster Eager for a Home

Alyssa is just over a year old and very much still in kittenhood!  She is a very nice cat and very sociable with people and with other cats.  She has mid-length fur coat in a muted gray and apricot pattern.  She is a stunning cat. 

Alyssa is up-to-date on vaccinations, tested negative for FiV, spayed, and has her suitcase packed with a couple toys, a "personal, handmade blanket," and is ready to make the trip to a great new home!  She will settle in easily because she has been in a "cage-free" environment here at the Adoption Center. 

Come to the Adoption Center at 1400 West Seminary Street, right behind the main building at Schmitt Woodland Hills, to interview Alyssa. Hours:  Wednesdays, 4:30 to 6, Saturdays, 9:30 to 12 noon.  Or you may choose to call 608-604-2075 or 604-8834 for more information. 

Alyssa will be awaiting your visit!

Alyssa has a muted gray and apricto fur coat.

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Georgette is a Sweet Cat!

Georgette is a very nice cat and beautiful, as well!  She gets along very well with cats and people.  She may be just a bit shy with people at first, but she warms up to gentleness and love. Georgette is 2 years old, up-to-date on vaccinations, tested negative for FiV, spayed, and ready to go to a new home.

You see in the photos that she is very playful and has a lovely patterned coat in the mackerel tabby design. Georgette will add a great dimension of fun and love to your household!  Come interview her at the Adoption Center.  1400 West Seminary Street, Richalnd Center… right behind the main building on the Schmitt Woodland Hills Retirement Community campus.  Hours are Wednesdays, 4:30 to 6, and Saturdays, 9:30 to 12 noon. 

Come interview Georgette.  You may choose to call OMHS at 608-604-8834 or 604-2075 for more information.

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