Rummage Romp for Pets Is Coming in July!

Rummage sale volunteers

Rummage Romp for Pets Is Coming in July!

Have you started stashing away treasures for the OMHS Rummage Romp for Pets? 

We hope you have been looking around your home, garage, and/or sheds for great treasures that you can part with.  It is no secret that we all have some household items that we no longer use and clothes that we have dieted out of… right?!?  Well, put whatever you have gathered into a box, bag, duffel, or whatever container, and have it ready for the Rummage Romp!


Rummage Romp for Pets… Community Center, 1050 North Orange Street,

Richland Center, WI

Set up day is Friday, July 29, 12:30 p.m. to 4 p.m.    

Sale day is Saturday, July 30, 7 a.m. to 1 p.m.


New this year:  The Pie Cafe!  Stop shopping momentarily for a slice of pie and beverage.  Or take a whole pie home for later!


We ask that you pre-price your items.  If you have things that you just cannot figure a price for, we have a few sale experts who can help.If an item is not worth at least 50 cents, then don't bring it!

Please bring clean, lightly used items.

Vintage items (at least 25 years old) such as jewelry, dishes, linens, ceramics, and wooden pieces are welcome.

Antique items

Holiday items…. Folks just love Halloween items and other seasonal gems. 

Folk art pieces

Ethnic items such as Norwegian, Irish, or German items


Toys, puzzles, fun things for kids and adults

Beanie babies… but no stuffed, toy animals


Furniture pieces

Books, videos, music

No large appliances like a stove or a refrigerator!

No large sporting/exercise equipment like treadmills, rowing machines, etc.

No televisions and no computers, printers, fax machines, or answering machines.

No microwave ovens

No Baby equipment such as strollers, cribs, etc.

100% of proceeds help animals!

OMHS needs your treasures and the items that you no longer use to continue to maintain the excellent health care and socialization of companion animals.  We want our dogs, pups, cats, and kittens to be adopted into great new homes!  Your items will help immensely!

Volunteers needed!  Will you bake a pie for the Pie Cafe?  Fruit pies are a real treat!

If you want to volunteer to help at the Rummage Romp, please email!  We have an Early Bird Sale on Friday, July 29, starting at 3 p.m. for folks who volunteer at least one hour of working time for set up to earn this special E B opportunity!  Get workin', and you will have a great chance for picking up some Early Bird treasures !

We need folks with pickup trucks to help with clean up and moving items to Goodwill or the Thrift Shop.  If you have a truck, sign up to help.

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OMHS is Awarded a Grant!

The St. Croix Valley Foundation has awarded Ocooch Mountain Humane Society a grant of $2000 to help equip the two Isolation Rooms and the two Intake Rooms at the new shelter building on Clarson Street in Richland Center. The grant is made possible by the Humane Society Grant Program and represent a distribution from the Belisle Fund of the St. Croix Valley Foundation. 

OMHS is grateful to the Grant Program for the award which is instrumental in providing needed dollars to equip these important rooms for cats and kittens as they enter the care of the organization.  The cats and kittens are examined by a veterinarian as soon as they are under the care of OMHS. 

The Isolation Rooms are used for cats and kittens that may have a contagious conditions such as ring worm, a very common fungal condition for young animals, ear mites, or a respiratory condition.  The cats or kittens are confined to an isolation room for treatment until it is safe for them to be introduced into the general population in one of the cage-free rooms at the shelter.  Thus the term, isolation room. These  rooms are just that.  The rooms isolate the cat with a contagious condition from the general population of cats and kittens. 

The Intake Rooms are for healthy cats that have just come under the wing of OMHS. The two Intake Rooms are a kind of transition area for cats to become acclimated to indoor life.  The cats and kittens are evaluated regarding their initial social behavior to the strange and new environment.  If the cat or kitten is shy or frightened, care is taken to meet the cat on its own terms and not over-power it with unnecessary handling to begin its transition to indoor life.  Cats and kittens are very sensitive to environment and OMHS takes special care in helping the animals learn about safety and trust.

Please watch for the announcement of the Open House for the new shelter building, a wonderful building in which the entire community will take pride.


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A Couple of Cuties!

Penny (tan) and Gizmo (black and white) are around 7-8 years old.  They are both friendly when they get to know you and they are good around most dogs.  They are 13# and they love to cuddle.  Penny and Gizmo would be a great fit for a family with older children or for a retired person.  Please call Jane at 608-604-7848 for more info on these two sweet little dogs.IMG_1044

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Calendar Contest


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Playful Doug

Doug is a handsome brown tiger.  He is two years old and he is very playful and active.  Doug is very curious and he has to know what is going on around him.  He has a sweet temperment.  Doug resides at the Schmitt Adoption Center.



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Double Your Pleasure!

Malcolm (orange) and Fred (buff) are best buddies.  They are both three years old and they reside at the Haseltine Adoption Center.  Malcolm is friendly and he loves to lay around and nap.  Fred is a bit shy but he gets along very well with other cats and he likes to be petted.IMG_0130

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Chandler is Looking for a Home

Sweet and quiet Chandler is three years old.  He has a very cute little face and a beautiful buff colored coat.  Chandler would love a home of his own.  Visit Chandler at the Schmitt Adoption Center.IMG_0110

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Nicholas is Handsome and Sweet!

Nicholas is two years old.  He has a very handsome face and shiny black fur.  Nicholas is sweet and a bit shy but he warms up quickly.  He loves to be petted.  Nicholas resides at the Schmitt Adoption Center.IMG_0458

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Eli is All Dressed-up and Ready to GO!

Eli is two years old.  He is a friendly guy with a mellow personality.  Eli has very cute tuxedo markings.  He resides at the OMHS Schmitt Adoption Center.IMG_0460

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Calico Cutie!

Vanessa is a very beautiful buff calico.  She is one year old and sister to Brett.  Vanessa is friendly, playful and she loves being brushed.  Vanessa resides at the Haseltine Adoption Center, 1217 E. Haseltine.IMG_0565

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