Pets of the Month for November 2014

Two very beautiful and friendly cats are the November Pets of the Month for OMHS.

Eileen is about 3.5 years old, spayed, up-to-date on vaccinations, and she weigh 9 pounds. Eileen was found in the Sextonville WI area and had a very deep and nasty abcess on her leg.  She was under a year old when she came under the care of OMHS.  We nursed her and took very good care of this young lady, and she has developed into a friendly, sociable feline!  She is a tri-color cat and her fur coat has very beautiful markings.  Eileen is playful and loves the companionship of other cats… and humans, too!  She can be visted at the Haseltine Adoption Center.  Please call 608-604-2075.

Mindy is about 3 years old, spayed, and up-to-date on vaccinations.  She is perhaps a bit more shy than some of the other rambuntious youngsters at the Adoption Center at 1400 West Seminary, but she warms up quickly and LOVES to be petted.  Mindy wears her beautiful-lavendar-gray fur coat that was designed just for her!  She has short fur as you can see in her photo.  The gray coat sets off her lovely green eyes!  Mindy can be interviewed at the Schmitt Woodland Hills Adoption Center, in RIchland Center, on Wednesdays, 4:30 to 6, and Saturdays, 9:30 to 12 noon.  Call 608-604-8834 for more information.

Both of these girls will travel to their new home with a bag of the food they are accustomed to, copies of their medical records, a toy to play with, and a handmade blanket for naptime.

Come interview Mindy and Eileen during our Adopt-a-Thon.  The lower adoption rates will save you over $200 in veterinarian costs! 

mindybody mindyhead Mindy sitting eileen in crate Eileen mugs Eileen standing

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Paws Fur the Holidays was a Splendid Day

November 8th marked OMHS's 13th annual Paws Fur the Holidays, and it was indeed a fun, furry day! With so much shopping, visiting, petting, bidding, and eating, OMHS knows that this event was enjoyable for people and critters alike.

OMHS would like to thank all participants, members, and volunteers for making this event such a great celebration and fundraiser. A little over $5000 was raised with your generous support, OMHS will continue caring for many cats and dogs until their new human families are found.

If you were unable to attend this year's event, don't worry; you can still renew your membership by sending the Membership Form and a check to Ocooch Mountain Humane Society, PO Box 229, Richland Center, WI 53581, or online at Thinking of becoming a member? Do it! We would love to have you.

Many volunteers worked to make the day successful and OMHS is very grateful for your spirit to make the event fun and successful. 

We do encourage more memberships  in our organization.  Join us in our work to help animals in need.

Happy Holidays from OMHS!


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Rocky’s Adoption Success Story

ROCKY, the Smart and Very, Very Lucky Cat

Yes, I am lucky, but I’m also smart. Smart enough to wander up the Gilberts’ driveway one day late in August, find Muriel (who was working in the yard), and start my ‘purr machine’ the moment she laid her hand on me. I think that she was hooked right then; John, on the other hand, needed a little more convincing. They gave me food, water, and a nice soft pad to sleep on, but, most importantly, they gave me lots of scratching and petting, and I liked it there. I spent the next 6 days just hanging out with them while they tried to find out if I belonged to any of their neighbors.

The Gilberts were preparing to leave for a month-long vacation and knew that they couldn’t leave me on my own, so they called Bonnie Arbegust at the Ocooch Mountain Humane Society to see if the cat shelter could take me in. Bonnie said that they could; wasn’t that lucky for me? After a health check and neutering by the vet, I was cleared to join all of the other cats at the shelter. The people at the shelter treated me very well (as shown by the fact that I gained 2 lbs. while there), but there were lots of other cats at the shelter who also wanted to be scratched and petted, so I missed all of the attention that I’d had when I was the #1 cat at the Gilberts’ house.

After John and Muriel returned from their trip, they called Bonnie to see if I had been adopted. When they learned that I was still available, they came to the shelter to visit me. They brought Auntie Joan Hansen along, and she helped Muriel cheerlead for me, so John didn’t stand a chance. At first, he still wasn’t sure that he was ready for a pet, but I was my most charming self, and I won him over. Within the week, they were back at the shelter and signed the papers for my adoption.

I am happy to say that I have been with the Gilberts for 5 weeks—and, after I jumped up on John’s lap the second night that I was there (which, if I do say so myself, was a really smart move on my part!), he now likes me just as much as Muriel does. I have the complete run of the house, a nice cat tree to climb on, and lots of windows so that I can look out at the birds and squirrels—but, most importantly, I have love and affection, and that means more to me than anything else.                   Happy Holidays from Rocky… and Muriel and John, too!

rocky on tree

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Chip, Roby, and Cody are a Success Story

Cody, Chip, and Roby

Ever since I was a little girl growing up on a farm near Boaz, I have always had affection for cats, and I have now passed that trait on to my sons, Simon and Henry.

We adopted three cats from OMHS this year, and they are wonderful. Cody and Roby came in March with Chip being adopted in June. I have visited many adoption centers and OMHS is the best. It is such as an asset to have a community of cats who interact with each other, as it is really easy to determine a cat’s personality when he or she can interact with other cats and people without the restriction of cages.

It was very hard to pick out only three cats because OMHS has so many terrific and affectionate cats. Actually, we did not actually choose Cody, Chip, and Roby; they chose us. It is very true that cats really do choose their humans.

Cody, formerly named Weston, chose Henry. Both Cody and Henry are very energetic and young. Cody is a beautiful blue-grey color. He likes to groom us and use the kids’ heads as scratching posts.

Roby (pronounced Robby), who is white and grey and very loving, choose Simon. Roby was one of three brothers at the OMHS Cat Adoption Center. Simon wanted to adopt all three, but then mom Sharon would have to sleep in the barn. Roby jumped into Simon’s lap and sat down as if he knew he would go home with us.

Chip chose Simon, who is orange and white, in much the same way. We were very surprised that Chip had not been adopted earlier because he is such a wonderful cat, but we think that Chip chose us because he wanted to be with his brother Roby at our house. Chip is a big baby and is always in one of our laps.

All three cats get along very well with our dog, Trixie. Cody and Trixie are best buds who sometimes sleep together. Cody also likes Trixie to groom him. Sometimes there are disagreements, such as when the cats drink from the dog’s water bowl or when there is limited lap space. (Even though she is a 50-pound lab, Trixie likes our laps, so she can be a bit jealous of the cats at times.)

Three cats is the limit in our household, but I love taking my sons to the OMHS Adoption Center. Every time we are in Richland Center, they ask if we can see the cats at the humane society, and I always have to promise my husband, Alex, that “we will not bring another one home,” even though it is very hard when all the cats are so wonderful. It is so much fun to be able to interact with the cats and see them play together, and it is very easy to see that the volunteers love the cats. Bonnie and Judy are very knowledgeable about every cat and very determined to get every cat a forever home. We especially love to hear that other cats have been adopted and know that they have gone to good homes, and, even though it is hard not to want to adopt another one, Simon and Henry love to meet new cats!
 Best Wishes for a Wonderful Holiday Season, from Sharon, Alex, Henry, and Simon… and Chip, Cody and Roby, as well.

  IMG_20140704_100603188 IMG_20140418_205442205 IMG_20140704_095014485

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Winnie’s New Home is Wonderful!

Winnie's Story

I saw Winnie's picture in All Paws and knew that she was "the one."  She was as cute as a button, but it was her expression that set her apart and won my heart.  Winnie is definitely a mix.  Even the two sides of Winnie's nose are different; on one side, the hair is white and much longer than on the other side, which is brown, but this only serves to give her a quizzical, fun, interesting look. Molly (my small 8-year-old mixed breed) met Winnie on October 14, and Winnie became part of our family six days later.  

Winnie has gone from a dog that cowered against the back of the recliner to one that is very active and loves to play.  Of course, like any new mom, I got several stuffed toys for chewing and to toss around for play.  Seconds after introducing these new toys to Winnie, stuffing was flying through the air.  Winnie shakes the dickens out of them, and, since she doesn't fetch, I start out with a pile of toys beside me and then go to the new pile (accumulated by throwing them to Winnie) and throw them back to her again. She doesn’t act like she'll ever get tired of this.  She even has Molly, who had never shown any interest in toys before, playing with toys, sometimes with both “girls” chewing on the same one.

Winnie and Molly have become great pals.  They nap together on the recliner and on my lap. (See photo on website) Molly makes sure that Winnie comes outside with us, waits for her to come back in, and is a wonderful big sister to Winnie just as she was to Lexi. They recently started lying beside one another on an office chair, which I put near mine when I use the computer. They also both sleep on my bed, with Winnie on my left under the covers and Molly on my right on top of the covers. 

Getting to know Winnie has been quite an experience. When she (or we) wake up from a nap in the recliner and I ask if she has to go outside, she scrambles all over my chest, and I get a wet tongue in the nostril.  It takes two trips outside, one for each job.  (I have no idea why she can't take care of both in one outing!) Winnie also has her own doggie way of communicating messages, such as, "Mom likes me best" and "I like napping on the loveseat.  Do I have to get down?"  Winnie is a little bundle of joy and energy. She's affectionate, playful, and very funny.  She has indeed become "family." I dearly love her and know that she has enriched my life, and I think that she feels the same way about me.

I am so grateful to Alice and Jane for helping me adopt Winnie.  Alice was so good to us; she corresponded with me, met us half-way for the introduction, and, when we met to bring Winnie home, she brought a wonderful book, some food, and Winnie's blanket!

Happy Holiday Season, Carol and Winnie and Molly

Winnie 2 Winnie 1

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Sadie has a Wonderful Home and Making Career Changes!

  A year after the sudden death of our beloved dog, Mindy (also a rescue from OMHS), I began thinking about adopting another dog to join our family. We already had one dog that we had rescued and a few cats that had decided to make us their family, but we decided that we had room for another lost soul.

After seeing Sadie’s picture in the paper, we just had to meet her! Living a life of neglect and abuse and having grown very fond of her foster mother (Alice), at first, Sadie was very leery of us. The day that Alice brought her to our home to get acquainted, Sadie looked around cautiously. Then, she met our cats, and that only made matters worse!

We don’t know the story of Sadie’s past with cats, but it soon became obvious that felines were not high on her list of animals with which to try to make friends! She wouldn’t go in a room where the “dreaded cats” were, and, if she was taking a nap on the bed and a cat decided to join her, she was gone!!! However, after many months of patience, a lap always ready to hold her, and a lot of soothing conversations with her, Sadie accepted even our cats as part of her family—but was still very cautious around them, always keeping one eye open.

Then, one cold evening 4 weeks ago, we found an orphaned kitten, abandoned, starving, and cold. Once again, we opened our home, and we brought the kitten in. Sadie was afraid of her for the first few days, but has now taken on the new role of being a “mother” to this kitten!! She cleans her, plays with her, and even sleeps with her. What a turn of events!  A Career Change for Sadie!

 Now, Sadie is a ‘smiler’; she grins from ear to ear. She is a happy little girl every day and so eager to please! Whenever someone asks us if we rescued Sadie, I say, “No, she rescued me.” Either way, Sadie definitely has found her ‘forever home’!                Best Wishes for a Safe and Wonderful Holiday!  Linda

Sadie 5 cropped sadie 2 sadie







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Story of Colleen and Claire: Successful Adoption, No Doubt About It!

Claire and Colleen Story

I lost my husband 5 years ago. After his passing, I had our two older dogs to keep me company, but, then, about a year and a half ago, I lost both dogs within 5 days of each other. To say that my heart was broken when I lost them is an understatement. I spent a year and a half coming home to an empty, lonely home. People knew what an animal lover I was and encouraged me to get another pet, but I wasn’t sure that I was ready for another pet. Still, I kept saying (and thinking) that when the time was right and the right pet came along, I would know it.

Then, my childhood friend, Jo, saw an ad in the Iowa County Shopping News for an OMHS cat named Sebastian who was ready for adoption, so we made the hour-long journey to Richland Center and met Sebastian. Sebastian was a very nice cat, but I didn’t feel a connection between him and me, nor did I “connect” with any of the other cats in the room. It appeared that the “right pet” for me just wasn’t there. However, just as Jo and I prepared to leave the Adoption Center, Judy and Bonnie stopped us and said, “You haven’t visited the other room yet.” Unbeknownst to me, there was a second room at the Adoption Center, and that second room held the two fuzzy kittens that would soon become the loves of my life!

Immediately upon my going into “the other room,” Colleen jumped up into my arms, nestled under my neck, and purred like a motor boat! This is what I had been waiting for! My eyes welled up with tears, and I actually got goosebumps. I had been correct in waiting for a pet that would steal my heart, and my patience to find the right pet paid off. I had waited for exactly the right one, and now she was right there in my arms! 'This is it,” I said; “this is what I’ve been waiting for. I feel it in my heart.”

Then Judy told me that Colleen had a littermate named Claire. I hadn’t wanted two cats, but I felt that splitting up two sisters wasn’t right, so, despite the fact that Claire seemed a bit aloof and somewhat shy, I rather grudgingly decided to take both cats. And I’m so glad that I did! Because I did the right thing and took both Colleen (whom I’ve renamed Zelda) and Claire (whom I’ve renamed Emmy), I have been blessed with not just one, but two loving, fantastic, wonderful companions.

I do not consider myself deeply religious, but I do believe that God works in mysterious ways and that He found Zelda and Emmy for me. Within 24 hours of bringing the two kittens home, I called Judy and said, “Oh, my gosh! They have already made my life better just by being in it.” No longer do I dread coming home to a cold, lonely house. Instead, I am eager to get home to my two “girls.” They hear the garage door open, and they are at the door to meet me. They have brought me joy and happiness that I was missing during the time that I had no pet. There is not a day that goes by that they do not make me giggle at their antics, and I am grateful for having them in my life. And once-shy Emmy has completely come out of her shell. She greets me at the door as soon as I return from work or shopping, and, although I thought that Zelda would be my lap cat, Emmy has risen to the occasion and is the one who constantly wants to snuggle on my lap! Meanwhile, when I go away, both Zelda and Emmy know and accept that they have to have a kiss on the forehead before I leave. In fact, I give them so much love and care that everyone that I know says that, in their next life, they want to come back as one of my cats. I tell everyone that I have the best cats ever, but shouldn't all pets be loved and cared for?

Those of you who are considering adopting a cat, I would seriously suggest adopting two cats. They love each other, entertain each other, and keep each other company, and you get TWICE the unconditional love.

Thank you, Ocooch Mountain Humane Society, for taking care of and socializing these two wonderful cats so that I could be fortunate enought to adopt them. As I said before, as far as I’m concerned, they’re the best cats ever, and they will be cared for and loved until our last breaths.      Happy Holidays, from Cindy, Zelda, and Emmy (the best cats ever!)

Zelda and plant






Zelda curled up with a plant! 
Does the plant have anything to say about the crowding?


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Bringing Home Basil

Bringing Home Basil is a  splendid successful adoption story to share. 

When my husband and I decided we were ready for a cat, we knew we wanted to adopt from an area humane society, as we're aware that so many loving animals are anxiously awaiting their forever homes.

After searching available felines on the OMHS website, I called right away to schedule an appointment to meet them. Thanks to Bonnie and Judy, I was able to meet them the very next day and begin the adoption process, which I was so very excited about!

Although many kitties caught my eye while visiting the shelter, I felt a special connection with Basil and knew she was meant to join our family. Judy was very helpful during our adoption of Basil, and made sure we were ready to give her everything she needs.

Of course, Basil (her new name we chose!) took a few days to settle into her new home, but she is doing great and makes us smile and laugh everyday with her fuzzy belly "needs" to be rubbed and sweet purrs when she is relaxed and happy. 

Thank you to OMHS for providing Basil with a safe, clean and loving home before her adoption into our family. We are so in love with our newest family member!   Most sincerely, Leah


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Pet of the Month Sponsors for 2015

The OMHS 2015 Pet of the Month campaign is quickly drawing to a close and we have had an excellent result as of November 1. There is still time to become a sponsor with the next ad coming out in December.  The November ad is already complete and will be in next week's publications… Boscobel Dial, Richland Shopping News, Richland Observer, and the Muscoda Progressive. Four publications each month of the year for a total cost of $135 with your name in each ad = $11.25 per month.  For more information please email  Go to the Pet of the Month program page on this site for more information.

The sponsors are: Wertz Plumbing and Heating; Oakwood Fruit Farm; R and K Auto and Tire; The Richland County Bank; Burnstad's Market; McGraw Law Office; Rockbridge Sawmill; Chitwood Electric; Shireman Veterinary Clinic; Strang Heating and Electric; Rural Insurance, Clary Agency; Ocooch Motorcycle Safety, LLC; Miniature Precision Implements; Premier Cooperative; Putz Plumbing & HVAC Cooper and Elliott Insurance; Fancy Creek Llamas; and Walsh Ace Hardware. 

And members of OMHS providing sponsorships: J. Coufal, Joan Hansen and Dennis Goodchild, Al and Carolyn Pellett, Janice and Rick Unbehaun, Suzanne and Trinka Winchester, and Sharon Wallace.

Thank you, everyone, for your support of the efforts of OMHS to  continue to provide shelter, care, kindess for pets until they are adopted into splendid new homes.


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Megan is a Lovely Cat Waiting to be Interviewed

Megan is a beautiful black and white cat, about 2 years old, who would love to be interviewed for adoption.  Megan is a talker… she likes to meow and tell all the gossip going around at the Adoption Center. She is a social butterfly!  She is very active, athletic and the black and white coat she wears is designed specifically for her.  She looks just great in it!

Megan is spayed, up-to-date on vaccinations and is ready for her new home.  She loves being petted and will do well in a home with other cats.  She enjoys the companionship of the other cats at the Adoption Center in the cage-free living environment.  She is very socialized with humans and other cats and will be a very good addition to a household.

Megan will travel to her new home with food she is accustomed to, a toy, her medical records, and a handmade cat blanket for naptime.  She is packed already!

Take advantage of the lower adoption rates right now with the OMHS Adopt-a-Thon we have in place.  You will save about $200 worth of veterinary services by adopting from OMHS.

Interview Megan… or maybe she will interview you… at the Adoption Center on the campus of Schmitt Woodland Hills Retirement Community, 1400 West Seminary Street, Richland Center, Wednesdays, 4:30 to 6 p.m. and Saturdays, 9:30 to 12 noon.  Megan will be awaiting your visit.

megan cropped

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