A Fantastic, Senior Cairn Terrier Looking for a Home

Barney is a very handsome 10 year old Cairn Terrier. He weighs approximately 15# and he wears a beautifully groomed coat of smooth blonde fur! He was recently professionally shaved and made "alive" again when he came under the care of OMHS with an extremely matted coat… a bit of an understatement! He looks just wonderful now! Congratulations, Barney, on your new self!  (Everyone knows that a great new haircut makes you feel just great! )

Barney, like Maddie, was in the same negelctful situation. OMHS has saved these two very nice dogs and gives them a new outlook on a great life in a caring, respectful home.

Barney is a low energy neutered male, up to date now on shots, and also post a dental cleaning procedure. Barney also had an ingrown dewclaw that was remedied by OMHS.  He is doing well living with other small dogs in foster care. He loves his dog bed and cannot get enough affection! He craves gentle petting. Barney enjoys a run around in his outside area, too, but basically he is a low energy, house trained dog. He is very cute now and will be ideal for a retired couple or family with older kids. Our Dog Adoption Coordinator is not certain how Barney would be with very young kids.

Affectionate and outgoing,  Barney is also looking for a good owner who won't ignore him and neglect him. He is comfortable now in his coat and should be kept feeling good about himself with grooming dates. He will come home with all the gossip from the barbershop!

To interview this very nice senior dog please call 608-604-7848. Barney looks forward to the interview and to steal your heart!

Be prepared to be shocked by Barney's "before" grooming photo!  Concentrate on his "after" look.  He appears a bit aprehensive, but he has just come out from under the dryer.  Give the guy a chance!  Won't he be cute in a warm sweater for his "outings!"

20141129_132507 Barney clipped and free

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Maddie is a Lovely Senior Dog Ready for a New Home

 OMHS has a wonderful senior dog ready for adoption into a home that is quiet and will give her the respect, love, and dignity she deserves.
Maddie is a Llewelyn Setter; purebred with her papers proving her breeding. She is an 11 year old female, already spayed and up to date on shots, no health problems, she has some hearing loss due to her age. Maddie has a white coat with red freckling as is typical of English Setters. Maddie is a medium sized dog and weighs around 50#. Maddie is house trained and very gentle. She is getting along well with her other dog companions in her foster care home, but does not play much with them. She is quiet.  Maddie has low energy in the house, but she needs a fenced area if left alone because she has the setter inclination to roam. A nice dog looking for someone to provide her last home.

Her photos make her appear to be a bit sad. But she will gain trust that she will NOT be going back to the very neglectful situation she was in before OMHS gave her safe haven.

FYI: You can search our archives for a dog named Byron… in his first photos he looked sad, too. But only a short time later he was smiling for the camera and looking quite sporty. We expect the same for lovely Maddie!

Call for an appointment to interview this very special dog at 608-604-7848. She will await your interview. You can provide that loving home allowing Maddie to totally forget her neglectful home from the past. Maddie will return your love and care 10 fold!

photo 4 photo 3 IMG_0387

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Squeakers and Tennis Balls can be Dangerous for Dogs

Have you noticed that almost all of the cute and stimulating toys for dogs have squeakers in them?  Yes, the cuddly, fuzzy ducks and frogs and balls all have squeakers in them.  What is the first thing you dog does with the toy?  Grab it and bite it several time and make it squeak!  Right?  That is what our dogs do.  And it takes them only about 5 minutes until they have breached the fuzzy covering and gotten down to the squeaker!  The squeaker can be easily swallowed!  Please, be very, very cautious about leaving your dog alone with a sqeaker toy.  As soon as you see a squeaker loose from its covering and stuffing, pick it up and destroy it.  A swallowed squeaker could result in a very painful and serious surgery… and expensive… to save the life of the dog.

Tennis balls make just excellent toys for dogs.  The play catch, chase the ball around the floor, and fully enjoy the activity.  Then they settle in to chew on the ball.  This is a dangerous part. The dog's human companion must be alert to all the chewing activity of the dog. Remove the ball from the dog when you feel there is a risk, and dispose of it. The dog will forget about the ball and go on to another fun activity.

We know that cats do not chew on things like dogs have a need to do, however cats can get into trouble by swallowing an enticing foreign object.  A case in point was the cat Puff, one of the Warehouse Quints, swallowing a NUT!  A nut, you say?
Her human cannot figure out how she swallowed it or where the errant haselnut came into her possession.  It remains a mystery to this day.  The photos below review her near-death experience a year ago.

   tennis ball 2 squeaker























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