Dog Flu Has an Impact on Howl and Meow Plans

The dog flu outbreak has made an impact on the plans for Howl and Meow this weekend. An Honor Parade of OMHS Adopted Dogs was planned for early afternoon, Sunday, May 3, but plans have been postponed until later in the year. It was a difficult decision to make but upon the advice of local veterinarians and Dr. Sandi Sawchuk, U W School of Veterinary Medicine, it seemed wise to postpone the feature. To err on the side of caution seemed prudent. It is hoped that the dogs adopted by OMHS will be honored in November at Paws Fur the Holidays.

A dog flu outbreak in the Midwest is responsible for more than 1,000 canine illnesses, including at least six deaths. Cases have been reported in Wisconsin, Ohio, Illinois, and Indiana.

The virus has been identified as H3N2, a strain that originated in Asia. At this time, it is unknown how H3N2 spread to the United Sates. Unfortunately, the current U.S. approved canine flu vaccine only effectively protects against H3N8, and offers no protection against this Asian born strain. Without a vaccine effective against both strains, controlling the spread is difficult.

Recognizing Symptoms of Canine Influenza:

The symptoms of H3N2 are similar to those of H3N8, and include:

  • Coughing

  • Sneezing

  • Runny Nose

  • Lethargy

If you suspect your dog has the canine flu, the first step is to call your veterinarian for advice. Since bringing your dog into the clinic may put other canines at risk, your vet might want to make special arrangements to see your dog. Treatment typically includes rest, fluids, and possibly antibiotics to prevent a secondary infection. Recovery can take up to two weeks and affected dogs should be isolated from other canines. Some dogs infected by H3N2 have also developed pneumonia, which may require hospitalization.

Take precautions with your dog or dogs and limit their interaction with other dogs. It is difficult to know where the dogs you meet on the street, in the dog park, or in training classes have been and what interaction they have had with any other dogs, some of whom may have been exposed to dog flu. Use your good judgement and keep your dogs healthy!

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Prizes for Howl and Meow Contests!

The prize list is growing daily for the contests at Howl and Meow!  Stay tuned for new additions to the list.

Mascots of the Year…

Canine: 1st place

OMHS Tee shirt
OMHS Bandana
Free OMHS Pet Membership
$25 Bath and toenail clip at RVS
$20 Gift Certificate at Chet's Feed and Seed
1 OMHS can koozie
2 coupons for meal deals at Animal House
1 collar of choice
1 bag of Lean Treats
Rubber ball
2 Pet Toys
Made in USA rawhide bone


Canine: 2nd Place

OMHS Tee shirt
OMHS Bandana
Free Pet membership in OMHS
$10 Gift Card at Do-It-Center
$10 Gift Certificate at Chet's Feed and Seed
1 OMHS can koozie
1 collar of choice
1 coupon for meal deals at Animal House
Made in USA rawhide bone


Cat / Other species: First place

OMHS Tee shirt
OMHS Bandana
Free Pet membership in OMHS
$20 Gift Certificate at Chet's Feed and Seed
$10 Gift Certificate at Walsh Ace Hardware
Pet Odor Eliminator Candle… Vanilla
1 Laser light toy
1 OMHS can koozie
2 coupons for meal deals at Animal House
2 pkg Temptations Cat Treats

Cat / Other species: 2nd place

OMHS Tee shirt
OMHS Bandana
Free Pet membership in OMHS
$10 Gift Certificate at Chet's Feed and Seed
1 Laser light toy
1 OMHS can koozie
1 coupon for meal deal at Animal House
1 pkg Temptations Cat Treats


Scavenger Scramble

This visual Scramble is new this year.  Participate in this fun twist on a scavenger hunt!

First prize:

Free Pet Membership in OMHS ($5 value)
Free OMHScan koozie
Value basket coupon at Culvers
2 gift certificates for meal deal at Animal House
$5 gift card at Ed's Family Foods
$5 gift certificate Walsh Ace Hardware

Second prize for Scavenger Scramble:

Free Pet Membership in OMHS ($5)
Free OMHS can koozie
$5 gift card at Ed's Family Foods
Sundae coupon from Culvers
1 gift certificate for meal deal at Animal House

Stay tuned for more Scramble prizes!



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Howl and Meow Celebration, Sunday, May 3!

Sunday, May 3
Community Center, 1050 North Orange Street
Richland Center, Wisconsin

Plan to attend OMHS’s 13th annual Howl and Meow celebration on Sunday, May 3, at the Richland Center Community Center. From 10 a.m. until 2 p.m., pets and people will be able to enjoy great food and fun activities, while raising funds for the everyday expenses of OMHS, such as pet food, veterinary care, pet parasite control, medicines, kitty litter, cleaning supplies, and adoption cell phone costs.

Attendees of the 2015 Howl and Meow will be able to partake in many of the favorite features of past celebrations, as the Crazy Critter Quarter Raffle, the Plant Sale, the Tee-shirt and Sweatshirt Sale, the Paw Print Bake Sale, the ever-popular Grand and Glorious Food Stand, and several featured educational programs will all return.

There are also several new twists and additions planned for this year’s Howl and Meow. For example, new this year is the OMHS Scavenger Scramble, a different twist on the Pet Walk of past years. Also new to this year’s Howl and Meow will be OMHS Pet Memberships and a Howl and Meow Pet Guestbook. Details are below.

You are invited  to take part in the event as a participant, volunteer, or visiting guest. Fun is guaranteed, so plan to attend—and, if possible, bring a friend!

Featured Programs at Howl and Meow

11:30… K-9 Titan and his handler will present an interesting and informative program. Titan is a member of the Richland County Sheriff's Department and a very skilled and valued part of the law enforcement department.

12 noon… Vet Tech students bring a program to the Meeting Room about what they are learning about how to restrain a pet, inspect ears, and examine a pet gently and with dignity and compassion.

12 noon… Mascots of the Year announced.

12:15… Quarter Raffle and Scavenger Scramble winners announced.

12:30… Therapy Dog presentation. A new chapter of Therapy Dogs in Richland County will provide a program illustrating what a therapy dog can provide. Opal, Troy, and Bella are certified therapy dogs. Louie is a therapy dog-in-training. Enjoy these dogs as they show their special training and qualities.

I p.m….Bernese Mountain Dog, Tucker, and his friend Gary Garbe will present a remarkable program of training and trust entitled “What Do We Know About Dogs?"

Schedule and Events for Howl and Meow…

8:00 a.m.Set up the multipurpose room at the Community Center. Volunteers will be needed to set up tables and chairs. (Clean up at 2 p.m.)

10 a.m…. Doors open to fun and friendship!

10 -10:30Registration for the OMHS Scavenger Scramble. For a $10 registration fee, you can compete in a scavenger hunt with your cell phone or digital camera! A wonderful NEW challenge for your participation! You will receive one tee shirt with your entry fee. Each entrant will be given an instruction sheet with the questions or riddles to be answered with photos taken of the scavenger hunt items! This is a visual scavenger hunt! Whoever completes the route first with the most correct answers will win the top prize. There will be also a second prize. In case of a tie, we will flip a coin! Other entrants will be winners as well, with coupons from local businesses! This is a walking route, so wear comfortable shoes. If you have your dog on the hunt with you, the dog must have proof of up-to-date vaccinations and walk on a 6 foot leash. No retractable leashes. We are still working on the list of prizes, so stay tuned.  The prizes will be listed the week of April 20.  For information about the Scramble call 608-475-2690.

Plant Sale opens at 10 am with an extraordinary variety of garden plants donated by OMHS members and friends for sale. Included are vegetable and perennial plants, bulbs, and house plants ready for your home and garden enjoyment. If you have plants or other garden items to donate, please contact 608-963-8769. IMPORTANT: All plants donated for the Plant Sale must be potted. Do NOT bring a bucket full of dirt and plants as we will not be able to accept them the day of the sale. Please use paper or plastic drinking cups for transplant containers for young plants…just punch a hole in the bottom for drainage. We are happy to report that K&A Greenhouse in Middleton will be donating bushes and shrubs for our sale! Shop early for best selection!

11 a.m.  Mascot of the Year, 2015-16: forms and money must be turned in no later than 11 a.m. The Mascot Sponsorship Contest continues to be a great way to raise fundS, with pets (and their human companions) once again raising $$$ for the honor of representing OMHS as Mascots for 2015-16. You can download the form here…Mascot sponsorship form revised.  Two mascots, a canine and a feline or other pet, will be named. The contest is open to dogs, cats, ferrets, turtles, hamsters, whatever pets you want to enter. Ask friends, family, neighbors to sponsor your pet!  Forms are also available at the Richland Veterinary Service, Shireman Veterinary Clinic, and the Frame Corner in Richland Center.
Deadline for Mascot Sponsorship forms & $$ is 11:00 am, May 3… no exceptions! Online donations must be received no later than 12 noon, Saturday, May 2.

Grand and Glorious Food Stand will be ready to serve at 10 a.m. featuring Chicago Red Hot Dogs, seasoned pork sandwiches on bakery buns, chips, veggie wraps and potato salad. The dessert table will feature fancy cupcakes and delightful cat- and dog- themed cookies. Save room for dessert!

Tees/Memberships… Tees and sweatshirts in terrific colors will be for sale. Show your pride in the organization by wearing a colorful OMHS shirt! Memberships, new or renewal, will be available.

New:  OMHS Pet Memberships  will be available for $5 for each pet for a year!  Enroll your pet at Howl and Meow!  Proudly display the certificate of membership for your pet!

NEW: Pet Guestbook: Be sure to have your pet “sign” the Pet Guest book! The guestbook will be at the Membership Table. OMHS wants to know how many pets visited the Howl and Meow.

Crazy Critter Quarter Raffle will have many excellent items for your 25¢ ticket bids. Purchase as many 25¢ tickets as you want, put your name or your mailing label on the tickets, and place lots of them in your favorite item container. HINT: Bring labels with your name imprint to save the time of writing in your name on each ticket. The winning tickets will be drawn at 12:15. Want to donate an item for the raffle? Please contact Becky at 608-475-0313 or to donate an item. You may also call 608-604-3483. Bring items for the sale to the Community Center by 9 a.m. May 3 or to the Haseltine Adoption Center, 1217 East Haseltine, R C, on Saturday, between 10-12 noon.

Paw Print Bake Sale: An extraordinary bake sale with traditional and specialty items. Irish soda bread, biscotti, scones, pies, cookies, and MUCH more, all baked with love and skill. Please pre-price your items to reduce time for our volunteers. Call 608-375-4235 if you have questons about pricing or what you are baking. Please volunteer to bake for pet care needs. Please bring your donated items to the Community Center by 9:30 a.m.

We hope you will consider sharing your talent, time, and skills to volunteer at Howl and Meow.

We would appreciate your baked goods for the Paw Print Bake Sale. And, perhaps, donate an item or two for the Quarter Raffle.  How about volunteering to set up?  Plants… yes, we need those perrenials from your garden or lawn.  OMHS always needs your help! 

Thank you and we plan to see you at Howl and Meow!

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Sonia is Ready for Adoption… Check Out this Inquisitive Cat

Sonia is a wonderful shiney, sleek, black cat with brilliant eyes!  Sonia is between 3 and 4 years old so she is a mature cat. She is up-to-date on all her vaccinations,  parasite control, and is spayed.  She is super friendly and very curious about everything that is going on around her! Sonia is really playful and will be a marvelous companion in any household.  She would love to have companionship of another cat or two to complete her playful nature.  Sonia will travel to her new home with a bag of her favorite food, a toy, and a handmade blanket that will fit her perfectly for a nap… or fit two cats napping together!

Interview Sonia at the Hasletine Adoption Center, 1217 East Haseltine Street, Richland Center, open hours are Saturdays, 10 to 12 noon.  Or you may call 608-604-2075 for an appointment.  Sonia is eager to meet you!

sonia cropped 1

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Harley is a Charming Young Kitten Ready for Adoption!

 You must interview Harley!  He is just the sweetest young kitten who loves other cats and humans!  He is playful and very friendly.  Harley is about 6 months old, is up-to-date on vaccinations and parasite control and is neutered.  He is ready to move to a new home where there are other cats.  As a younster, his friendly and great behavior will be reinforced in his relationships with other cats. Harley will come to his new home with a bag of food, a toy, and a handmade blanket just perfect for the naps and dreams of a sweet kitten.

Come interview this handsome mackerel tabby cat… a vibrant orange "tiger" kitten… at the Haseltine Adoption Center, 1217 East Haseltine Street, Richland Center.  Open hours are 10 to 12 noon on Saturdays.  Or you may call 608-604-2075 for an appointment.

harley1 harley2 cropped harley4

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Louise is a Beautiful Cat Ready for Adoption

Louise is a mature cat of 4 years of age, and she is a beauty! She has lovely golden eyes that have a wonderful effect in her shiney black coat.  Louise is very sweet and loves having her tummy rubbed.  She will be a marvelous addition to a loving household. She has such a good disposition and a unique meow that will make you smile.

Louise is, of course, up-to-date on all her vaccinations and tests, she is spayed, and ready to go.  Call to ask about our special rate to find homes for mature cats… 608-604-2075. 

Louise is enjoying the other cats at the Haseltine Adoption Center, 1217 East Haseltine, Richland Center.  Open hours are 10 to 12 noon Saturdays or by appointment.  Come interview this wonderful cat!  Louise will be waiting.

louise cropped 1

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Lily has found a new home!

Congratulations Lily and her new family!  Have a wonderful, happy life!

Lily, a charming, red Dachshund, is ready for a new adventure in a fine home where she will be loved and a comfortable lap dog!  She is about 2 or 3 years of age, weighs 10 pounds, and is a short-haired young lady.  Lily is affectionate and loves to be on a lap.  She is well house-trained and gets along well with other dogs in her foster home.  We are not sure about her relationship with cats.  She does not do well with small children… we do not know a great deal about her past treatment or relationships with children.  

Lily will be a splendid little watchdog.  She is alert to anyone coming to the door or if there is a sound she does not recognize she let's you know about it.  Lily will be an extraordinary companion for a household!

Interview Lily by calling 604-604-7848.  Please leave your phone number for a call back… our Dog Adoption Coordinator has a day job and you may not reach her immediately with your call. 

 photo 3 photo 2 photo 1



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Riley has found a home!

Contratulations, Riley and your new family!  Have a happy life!


Riley is a very handsome young dog!  He is a recent resident of an Ocooch Mountain Humane Society foster home and is doing very well with all the love and care he is receiving.  He is probably a terrier/Pomeranian or papillon mixed breed little fellow.  He weighs about 15 pounds and is totally lovable. He is still a puppy at 9 months old!

He is neutered and up-to-date on vaccinations and deworming. Riley wants to be on a lap and petted… he is a lap dog!  He is crate trained and house trained.  His is submissive and gets along well with other dogs.  Because he is a puppy he needs direction about not jumping up on people he meets.  This is typical pup behavior and with a bit of training he will be a perfectly charming member of a family.

Interview Riley by calling 608-604-7848 to arrange a time and date. He will be waiting for your call!

IMG_0490 IMG_0506 IMG_0515 IMG_0516


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Pets Watching TV!

OMHS has receive quite a few reports of pets watching television.  Won't you send us reports and photos of your pets watching the tube?

Below is a photo of Andy (cat) and Katie (dog) watching television together!  Their favorite
program is "Animal Cops-Houston" on Animal Planet!  Give it a try to see if your pets enjoy this
recommendation from Andy and Katie, Richland County pets.

So wonderful to see these two side-by-side watching their program!!!

Andy & Katie watch TV



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O’Delicious Bake Sale This Week!

Bakers are very busy this week preparing tasty items for the O'Delicious Bake Sale!  Stop at the Richland County Bank Lobby to pick up special treats for St. Patricks Day weekend.  The Sale begins at 9 and until about 1:00 or 1:30.  The sale concludes when we are sold out… at about those times listed.

New this year are beef and veggie pasties… a main course item that the Cornish culture claims, going back beyond the 13th century.  The pastie was a mid day meal that the miners could carry easily and feel filled up with the delicious beef and potato filling.

Veggie wraps and veggie packets are also available to pick up for a good, healthy lunch.

We look forward to seeing you as you browse the scones, biscotti, kolachy, Irish soda bread, homemade noodles, and traditional items such as cookies, bars, and cakes.  OMHS has great pie bakers and the cheesecake is out-of-this-world.

Help OMHS raise funds for the Pet Care fund that provides medicines, parasite prevention, and medical care for pets under our wing!

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