Calico Cutie!

Vanessa is a very beautiful buff calico.  She is one year old and sister to Brett.  Vanessa is friendly, playful and she loves being brushed.  Vanessa resides at the Haseltine Adoption Center, 1217 E. Haseltine.IMG_0565

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Andrew Has a Sweet Face

 Andrew is a very handsome 2 year old cat.  He has a shiny black coat and a sweet face.  Andrew is friendly and very curious.  He gets along very well with other cats.  Andrew resides at the Schmitt Adoption Center, 1400 W. Seminary.IMG_0461

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Handsome Brett!

Brett is just one year old.  He is a handsome buff colored tabby with prominent stripes.  Brett is shy at first but he warms up.  He is full of playfull energy.  Brett resides at the Haseltine Adoption Center, 1217 E. Haseltine.IMG_0491

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Dynamic Duo Looking for the Right Home!

This gallery contains 3 photos.

          Hoss (red) and Georgie (white) are Chihuahua mixes and weigh about 13 pounds each. They are very timid of new people and situations, but sweet when they get to know you a bit. Georgie is … Continue reading

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From the Quints’ Purr-spective: Questions to Ask Yourself Before Adopting a Pet

The wish of every stray or abandoned cat or dog is to be adopted and taken into a wonderful forever home with a loving individual or family. Last month, in “From the Quints’ Purr-spective,” we discussed the many benefits of adopting a pet—benefits for both the human and the animal companion. We should know. Had it not been for OMHS and the wonderful, loving individual who adopted us into her family, we probably wouldn’t even still be alive—and, even if we were, our lives certainly wouldn’t be as wonderful as they are now.

Still, it is important to note that not every individual or family or home is a good “fit” for having pets. That’s why people should ask themselves very important questions before adopting four-legged family members. Here are some of those questions:

  • Do you have enough time (and enough “at-home” time) to adequately care for and give enough time to a pet? You may have the best intentions, wanting to give a homeless pet a home, but do you actually have time not only to take care of that pet’s needs, but also to socialize it, love it, play with it, etc.? No matter how loving you may be, not everyone’s lifestyle is conducive to having pets. Dogs, especially, require lots of daily care. Cats (because we usually use litter boxes rather than need to go outside) are a little easier to leave at home by themselves; however, it’s never good to leave any kind of pets alone for a long period of time.

  • Are you financially prepared to care for a pet? Any kind of pet is a definite financial responsibility. All pets require food, supplies, and vet care. In addition, depending on the type of pet and possible special circumstances, animals may also require professional grooming and/or training, boarding, and other professional services, not to mention emergency medical care. Vet Depot recently published the following as approximate first year/post-first-year annual costs of owning various pets: Dog: $1580/$695; Cat: $1035/$670; Rabbit: $1055/$730; Bird: $270/$200; Reptile: $550/$300; Guinea Pig: $705/$635; Fish: $235/$35. You can have all the time in the world and an endless amount of love to give a pet, but if you don’t have the financial resources to take care of both its basic and emergency needs, sorry but you probably shouldn’t adopt. We hate to say that but facts must be considered.

  • Does anyone in your house have severe allergies? It’s not smart to adopt if it means that someone’s health is going to be seriously compromised—and you’d be surprised how many people are allergic to at least one type of animal or another. If that’s the case in your family, no matter how cute and loving the animal is, it’s just not a good idea to adopt that kind of animal.

  • Do you have a proper environment for a pet? Many apartments and/or rental homes do not allow pets (or some kinds of pets), so before you even consider adopting a pet, make sure that you live in a home that allows it. Even if pets are allowed at your apartment or home, make sure that there is enough space for the kind of pet that you are thinking of adopting to be comfortable (and for that pet to be able to grow, which most of them do).
  • Are you simply infatuated with the “cuteness” of the animal, especially if it’s very young? Puppies don’t stay puppies forever, and neither do kittens or other cute baby animals. They grow up—not only losing some, if not all of their “baby cuteness,” but also getting either a little or, sometimes, a lot bigger–and, continue to require love and care, hopefully for many years to come!

We Quints have enjoyed being the 2015-16 OMHS Cat Mascots and being able to share our opinions with you.  We hope that you will consider our ideas and suggestions, especially that of adopting a wonderful pet (or multiple pets), but only if you are in a position to give them the home they deserve.  We certainly love our great home, but we don't communicate our appreciation very much because, after all, we are CATS, so we sort of expect to be the rulers of the house! 

  Aren't we just marvelous in our tutus?
  We love dressing up and showing off in something from our wardrobe.

   Have a wonderful summer, friends!   Come see us on Fb.

    The Warehouse Quints


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Louie Speaks: Spring Tune-up Tips for Pet Owners

As I complete my term as Canine Mascot of the year, I leave my consitiuents with some tips about preparing pets for spring and summer weather. As a very furry dog, black in color, summer heat could be a big problem for me and other dogs. So please read on for recommendations about heat and many other topics, friends!

Below is a Spring Tune-up Refresher List for your Human Companion

  • Schedule a spay or neuter for your pets if they are not already “fixed.”

  • Review the vaccination schedule for your pets, including the seasonal Lyme vaccination.

  • Have your dog tested for heartworm BEFORE you begin dispensing heartworm preventative meds.

  • Inspect your fenced-in pet yard for any escape holes. I am pretty clever at finding an escape route, so the inspector-general needs to check out our fences!

  • Parasite control for your pets: When did you last de- worm your pets for tape, hook, round worms? We will discuss ticks further on in my article. Cats AND dog need deworming… you never know what we can bring indoors.

  • Toe nails should be trimmed for spring… for cats and dogs, alike.

  • Pet yard cleanup of debris for a good clean environment. Pet poop is not healthy for a good summer playard. All kinds of bugs and stuff can find fun it it but not me.

  • Plan for plenty of shade and clean water as the weather warms up. Your pets should have the same hot-weather protections as you and your family have for your comfort and safety.

  • Promise your pet and OMHS that you will NOT take him/her shopping with you in weather at or over 70 degrees. Promise not to leave him/her in your parked/locked vehicle because of the danger of death of the pet! Love your pet enough to leave him/her home from shopping in summer weather! Give your pet(s) a great treat when you leave to go shopping and one when you return. That is much better than going shopping in a hot vehicle. Some of the US states have laws that make leaving a pet in a care illegal. And I really enjoy a ride in the car or truck. But I understand that I am loved enough to leave me at home.

  • Spring is the start of the official shedding season to get rid of thick winter fur! Shedding is a normal and natural occurrence for cats and dogs, you will see fur all over the place. It’s how they remove dead hair from their bodies and maintain their coats in top condition (along with good nutrition). In the wild, members of the cat family shed twice a year – in the spring to get rid of thicker winter fur, and again in the fall to prepare for the next winter’s thicker coat. Shedding is largely influenced by daylight and, more specifically, by the number of hours a dog or cat is exposed to sunlight in a day; this is known as a photoperiod. Of course the amount a pet sheds will vary significantly from breed to breed. There are great new grooming tools now that really get the dead fur removed.

  • With that old fur removed, how about a safe, new collar that looks great! No choke chain collars, puleez!

  • Wash winter-weary bedding. If it is in need of replacement, do just that. Who wouldn't want a new napping bed… maybe an orthopedic sleeping mat.

  • Please stay safe this summer. Enjoy lazy days lounging about in the grass or, if you are a cat, lounging about in a.c. but in a sunny window is just fine.  
    Your friend,
    Louie w green ribbon 2

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Photo Opportunity for Your Pet to be Part of the 2017 OMHS Calendar!

Let's have some fun with a 2017 calendar of photos showing off our OMHS pets gracing the pages for an entire year!

Get out your camera or phone and start taking great photos of your dog, cat, ferret, hamster, pet rat, turtle, or whatever pet species you have that makes you smile. Below are the rules of the contest. Read carefully and be certain that your photos are sharp and in focus. If you have questions, just email

OMHS will have two levels of participation to help raise money to care for the animals we have under our wing.

Level 1: Participants send in a picture of their pet with a $5.00 entrance fee for each picture. All participants will have their pets picture on the OMHS Facebook page, the OMHS wesite, and in the OMHS Newsletter.

Level 2: Each of the best 12 pictures sent in to OMHS will be featured as one of the 12 months for 2017.

Judging of the pictures will be done by the Calendar Committee for OMHS.

Rules of the Contest:

  • One pet per picture…digital image only. (No film images.) Send $5 per picture entered. You can enter multiple images.

  • Good quality pictures that are in focus with your pet centered in the picture

  • No time stamp on picture

  • Pictures should be in landscape or horizontal format

  • Image should be in JPEG format. Each picture file should have a name format of LastName.FirstName.picturenumber.jpg (example: Smith.John.1.jpg)

  • Contest starts May 1, 2016 and ends 10:00 p.m., July 1, 2016

  • Email attached picture file(s) with the name of the pet and the photographer to or mail the picture file(s) on a CD with the name of the pet and the photographer to OMHScontest 238 E. 7th St. Richland Center WI 53581

  • All entry payments, including the name of the pet and photographer, should be sent to OMHScontest 238 E. 7th St. Richland Center WI 53581

OMHS will not be able to return any entry pictures…that is why we are asking for digital images. OMHS will not be responsible for incomplete, illegible, unviewable, lost, or late entries, all of which will be disqualified.

By entering the contest, each contestant agrees that OMHS may publish his or her photograph on the OMHS Facebook page, on the OMHS wesite, in the OMHS newsletter, and may be used in the OMHS Calendar for 2017.

Any questions? Call 475-2690 or email

Good luck and keep smiling!

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Marco and Trevor have moved to great new home!

OMHS just received this report on Marco and Trevor!  It is wonderful that these two super cats are fitting in beautifully in their new home!

I don't always understand how cats came to the shelter but I know they are
turned into wonderful cats by your volunteers. Marco and Trevor came to my house and they are so sweet. 
They enjoy sleeping, I assume for the first time, with a human. And boy was Marco fascinated to watch
the toilet flush! The simple things we take for granted are new experiences
for them. They are patient with the other cats as well.
Bravo, again to OMHS!      Report from Pat


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Walkabout #2 Report

The Walkabout #2 at the new shelter location @ 391 Clarson Street, was an excellent way for OMHS to show the progress on the shelter to members and friends and neighbors.  Fifty five people came through the door on March 13 for the opportunity to see what has been accomplished!  Volunteers showed the visitors around and pointed out that the room filled with the spiral duct work and other HVAC parts would soon be installed.  One of the furnaces was already outfitted with handcrafted ductwork and ready to accept the spiral. And by the time Walkabout #3 occurs on April 17, the wires will all be pulled and the building should have electricity! 

Volunteers will be at Walkabout #3 to show you around the facility.  There is still a lot of work to be done, but great progress has been made.  Come see why OMHS is so happy!  Join the effort to support the new shelter with a donation.  Any amount will be helpful.

Are you interested in volunteering at the shelter?  We will need more volunteers to join our dependable and stalwart crew for cleaning, watering, and feeding the cats and kittens.  If you can spare two hours per week, email  Provide your name, address, and phone number so you can receive a phone call and an invitation to meet the Adoption Coordinators and complete a volunteer application form.  We are looking forward to meeting you and working to give care and kindness and shelter to wonderful felines.


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Check Out This Opportunity to Receive Pet Connection Via Email

As a member of OMHS, perhaps you would like to receive your newsletter via email.  You can help OMHS save dollars over the year with the issue sent to you via email. It is convenient and easy for you to place in a file on your computer.  No more paper clutter or issues lost somewhere in your busy household.

Let OMHS know if you would like to join other members who find this opportunity very convenient.

Email or call 604-3483.

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