Our Vision

The OMHS vision for the future has been to build an animal shelter of adequate size to accommodate the needs of pets in Richland County who are awaiting permanent loving homes. OMHS is now much closer to having that vision become a reality.  In November 2015, OMHS closed on the purchase of a building at 391 Clarson Street in Richland Center, which, once retrofitted, will be used to house all of the felines under the wing of the organization.

Since its humble beginnings in 2001, the Ocooch Mountain Humane Society has slowly but continually grown towards the goal of owning its own shelter. The newly-purchasesd building is in the process of being retrofitted to meet the needs of housing cats and kittens in a safe, clean, well-managed cage-free facility, where the felines can be socialized by volunteers. 

The new building is over 3,000 square feet and will house all of the cats and kittens in one location.  This will be a much more convenient arrangement for the volunteers and the Adoption Coordinators who have traveled and worked to maintain two, small shelter faciltiies for several years. It will also help potential adopters who will be able to interview the cats and kittens in one central location.

With the guidance and professional work of Woodland Consultants and Apogee
Engineering, the building plans and the HVAC plans have been approved by the State Department of Safety and Professional Service. 

OMHS is grateful to Schmitt Woodland Hills Retirement Community for its generous help and encouragement for allowing OHS to retrofit and rent their former workshop/garage for use as a feline adoption location over 8+  years!  We are also grateful to Lee and Judy Clarson for renting a second space to OMHS for use as an additional adoption location for the past 2+ years. Both parties have been excellent landlords! 

OMHS aniticpates the new shelter to be a focal point of pride in a wonderful community that  cares about quality of life of both people and pets.  Ongoing progress on the new shelter will be reported on the News Page of this website via photos that illustrate the progress towards ocupancy by pets and volunteers. The project is a bit daunting at this early stage, but OMHS is equal to the task. 

The shelter will continue the all-volunteer philosophy of the organization and would have no paid employees. The cage-free philosophy for cats continues.  Adoption Coordinators know that this freedom of movement for cats enables them to adapt readily into their new homes.

Dog Adoptions: Like the previous buildings used by OMHS, the new building will not accommodate dogs awaiting adoption at this time.  However, OMHS does continue to adopt dogs into loving homes.  The dogs ready for adoption are in foster homes, where the family household environment allows excellent canine socialization and trasitioning of the dogs into  new homes.   Call 608-604-7848.

OMHS hopes that, in the future, the new building can be retrofitted further to accommodate up to 8 or 10 kennels where dogs can be housed temporarily pending foster care or adoption.  Stay tuned.

Review of OMHS essentials:

  • OMHS receives no public monies and relies completely on private donations and fund raising efforts.
  • OMHS is very grateful to have been the major beneficiary of two estates that have helped greatly in the purchase of the building.
  • Keeping in mind the fundamental principles of the community it serves, OMHS continues to move forward with the new shelter carefully and frugally.
  • Planning the physical realities of the building has been a task demanding frugality, creativity, and common sense in the use of donated funds. The building will be one that requires low maintenance costs in order to use the larger part of available funds to continue to care for the animals under the wing of OMHS.
  • The goal is to occupy the building in the spring of 2016.

Monetary donations for the new building can be made online on our Donation Page. To donate skills or funds for the building project, please email info@ocoochmountainhumanesociety.org.

The retrofitting must start with a great new floor!  Here are photos of the floor work.
Grinding the seams and cracks in the older concrete floor is a time-consuming task, but feathering-in the high spots to make a smooth transition of these imperfections into the overall floor is essential to a good finished product. Here are photos of the floor work…

floor cracks ready to be cleaned and filleduneven area to be feathered in to make smooth Zach grinding uneven area near concrete joint

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