About Cats and Kittens

Ocooch Mountain Humane Society has many more cats and kittens under its wing than can be shown on this site! Photos and descriptions are placed on the page when the felines are ready for adoption.  When kittens and cats are taken in they are examined by a veterinarian and tested for FIV (Feline Leukemia) if they are old enough.  The cats/kittens are vaccinated, de-wormed, along with their physical exam. The animals are then introduced into foster care or mainstreamed carefully into the Adoption Center "cage-free" environment. Kittens and cats must be spayed or neutered before OMHS will adopt them into new homes.

OMHS Current Adoption Costs:

Kitten… up to 1 year of age = $60 per kitten.  Adopting a second kitten= $75 for two.

Adult cat… 1 year to 7 years of age=$45 for each cat.   Adopting a second adult cat=$55 for two

Senior cat… 7 years and up in age=$20 for each cat.  Adopting two senior cats=30 for two cats.

Kittens are especially fragile creatures. If kittens are orphaned or somehow separated from their mother cat within the first 24 hours of birth they can have a compromised immune system due to lack of passive transfer in the mother's first milk. Even when separated from the mother in the first 2 weeks of birth the immune systems have a real burden to get up to speed even with bottle feeding.  Sometimes the loss of bottle fed kittens can be at a 50% rate.  If the mother cat has not been vaccinated for diseases the immune systems of the kittens can also be compromised.

Health concerns for kittens. A common health situation with kittens is ringworm that is actually fungus,  not fatal or dangerous to kittens but can be shown in hair loss. It is easily treated with non-invasive meds.  Ringworm can be contagious to humans. Respiratory illnesses are also common in kittens and they can develop pneumonia. Ear mites are often found in kittens and must be treated right away because mites are contagious to other cats.  Kittens must be monitored closely for symptoms of these common health issues and treated immediately.

Because kittens are fragile OMHS is careful to not adopt out kittens at a very young age. OMHS would rather keep the kittens under its wing and treat the common health issues if there are any and THEN adopt out a healthy vigorous young feline!   Kittens need to be socialized with other kittens and cats and OMHS does its best to provide this needed experience for all the cats.  The goal of OMHS is to adopt spayed/neutered, healthy, vigorous, well socialized cats into loving, nurturing homes.

Pet Adoption

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