Please feel free to contact the Ocooch Mountain Humane Society with questions. OMHS, P.O. Box 229, Richland Center WI 53581

If you have general questions about OMHS events or other questions, please call 608-604-3483   You may be directed to another phone number where your questions will be answered more fully.

With your questions regarding dog adoptions call 608-604-7848

With your questions regarding cat adoptions call 608-604-8834 or 608-604-2075.

With your questions regarding the Spay Neuter Clinic email for the best contact results, or, if you have no access to email, please call 608-604-3483 for general information.

Our volunteers have day-jobs, therefore you may or may not speak to a person immediately, but your call will be answered.  Please speak clearly and leave a phone number where you can be easily reached.  Telephone tag is no fun for either party, so contacting you with the first call back will save both you and OMHS time and effort.  Thanks for your help. We will call you ASAP.  Once in a while people will leave a message and do not give us their phone number, and that is a problem, of course.



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