Jinxie has a His New Home!

OMHS is very pleased to announce that Jinxie has moved to his new home.  He will even have a couple of kids to play with!  Congratulations, Jinxie and Family.



    Jinxie is a very personable and handsome Yorkie mix dog!  He is about 2 years old, weighs in at 7 pound, neutered and up to date on all his vaccinations!  This little guy is in a splendid foster home at this writing.  It is a dream foster care situation for Jinxie!!  His foster mom has 6 Yorkies of her own…yes, you read it correctly, six Yorkies. This is a great experience for Jinxie to have all these Yorkies for playtime! 

Jinxie's foster mom writes: "Jinxie loves to play fetch!  He loves to cuddle and is a great lap dog.  I do crate my dogs at night and when I am not home.  Jinxie has no problem with this routine.  He has had no bathroom "accidents" since he has been with me and my dogs.  However, I do let my dogs outdoors to go potty quite often and I also have a "pee pad' at my patio dorr just in case he has to go.  But every time he has gone outdoors he takes care of bathroom needs there. When Jinxie is outdoors he is reluctant to come back indoors until he is done playing!  He loves to play and run.  I have a fenced in back yard for my dogs so Jinxie is not able to run off.  However, if he did not have the fence to deter the running he would probably be gone in a minute.  He would need to be on leash if there was no fence."  Great report from a very attentive and observant foster mom!

So there you have it… Jinxie is a total package, albeit a small package, but he does not know that he is small.  He will need to have a grooming session soon.  He especially needs to have his fur tended to around his face and eyes.  In the photos it is hard to see his eyes… in fact in one of the photos he does have his eyes closed so that does not count against the fur, it is just that he closed his eyes when the camera recorded the image!

We hope to have new photos of Jinxie up on this site soon. More information about when he is available for adoption will be noted as well. If you are interested in Jinxie you can do one of these things:   Download the adoption form on the Adoption page of this site and mail it to OMHS.     You can also send the contact form to OMHS WITH YOUR PHONE NUMBER so the Dog Adoption Coordinator can call you and speak to you about Jinxie.  You can monitor Jinxie's page here for updates on when he is ready for a new home.  His grooming needs will be assessed soon and he should be ready for adoption shortly.  Stay tuned.


Jinsie 3 Jinxie 5 Jinxie 4 Jinxie 2 Jinxie 1





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