Pet of the Month Sponsors

The Pet of the Month sponsorship program is very important for the adoption of pets into new homes. Display ads with photos and information about pets are placed each month in the Richland Shopping News, the Richland Observer, the Muscoda Progressive, and the Boscobel Dial. The names of the sponsors are placed each month in the advertising pieces all for a low flat cost of $135.00  The $135 cost breaks down to a cost of $11.25 per month for a business name to be printed in the publications.  All four publications, 12 months of the year, for $135.00.

The display ads in the Richland Shopping news are now in color!  The color option really makes a dramatic difference in showing the fur colors and patterns of the pets featured.  We know that the Pet of the Month ads are viewed seriously by  readers because they tell us so!  That means a great deal in the continuation of the program. The Pet of the Months ads are a regular feature in these publications and readers look for them.  

The display ads are 2 column or 3 columns in width and 5 to 6 inches in height, depending upon the printing specs of the individual publication.  These are not tiny, puny display ads!  These ads are designed to be noticed, and they are.

For more information about the program please go to Contact Us in the task bar above. We will answer your questions promptly.

OMHS is very grateful to these generous sponsors as they show their support for "Kindness, Caring, Shelter" and the work of the organization and its importance to the community.

Richland County Bank

Richland Veterinary Service, LLC

R & K Tire & Auto Service

Rockbridge Sawmill, Inc.

Rural Insurance, Fred Clary Agency

Schreiber Foods, Inc.

Shireman Veterinary Clinic

Oakwood Fruit Farm

Ocooch Mountain Motorcycle Safety, LLC

Wertz Plumbing & Heating

McGraw Law Office

Premier Cooperative, Richland Center

Wallace Cooper & Elliott Insurance

Putz Plumbing  & HVAC, LLC

Fancy Creek Llamas

Schreiber Foods, Inc.

Chitwood Electric

Strang Heating and Electric

Burnstad's Market

Walsh's Ace Hardware

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