Obstacle Course, Amazing Dog Tricks, and More at Howl and Meow

A very entertaining feature of the 2012 Howl and Meow is the Dog Obstacle Course.  The OMHS event, free and open to the public, will be held Sunday, May 6, at the new Community Center in Richland Center.  The Obstacle Course was first offered last year at the Howl and Meow and proved to be an audience favorite.  Dogs of all sizes, shapes, and abilities were entered in the just-for- fun event.  All dogs received prizes.  There were no winners and no losers.  A large audience watched as each dog and its handler went through the Obstacle Course. The applause and the oooo's and ahhhh's as the dogs worked was heartfelt.  Not all the dogs jumped the jumps or sat when asked to but the audience just loved it all.  We are hoping to have up to 20 dogs and handlers in the event on May 6.

2012 Howl and Meow

Sunday, May 6 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Community Center, Richland Center WI

(The Obstacle Course and other dog features are scheduled to begin after the Pet Walk.)

The Obstacle Course is a home-made series of jumps, walk-throughs, a ramp, places for sits and downs.  The course is simple and each dog must be on leash and accompanied by its handler, who goes through the Course along with the dog.  We are hoping to have a tunnel in the Course this year, however, it is too small for a human to go through so the dogs will be sent through on their own.  Or they may just choose not to do it!  And refusals to jump or do the obstacles is just fine.  There is no pressure for excellent skill, only the fun factor is important.

Each dog and it handler is announced, just like at the Westminster Dog Show, which adds to the fun of the event.  After completing the Course each dog will be awarded a prize or two and a photo will be taken of the dog and handler. The audience enjoys seeing dogs of all sizes, colors, and "breeds" and indistinguishable breeds! The OMHS dog feature events are pleased to have dogs of the mixed breed type enjoy the applause and attention.

Dogs in the events must be comfortable on leash with collar or harness and be sociable with people and other dogs.  They must be up to date on vaccinations.  No dogs wearing choke collars are eligible for the events. 

We do need volunteers to help set up the obstacles.  To help with this task please use the "contact us" tab on on the main menu bar at the top of this page.

Following the Obstacle Course dogs and handlers will entertain with Amazing Dog Tricks.  Sky is the limit on what tricks these talented canines will perform.  Rolling over, sitting, dancing, catching a ball, and fetching are just a few possibilities.

The Wag Off is an amazing display of dogs energetically wagging their tails.  The audience applause meter will determine the dog winner of this expression of joy.

The Focus on Pets is a photo contest where the winner is chosen by event visitors who choose their favorites by placing coins and dollars in a pail whose number corresponds to the photo of choice.  Photos must be 4×6 in size, not framed or matted.  The name of the pet and the pet owner must be on the back of the photo.  There will be a $25 prize for the winning photo. 

And food!  Yes, there will be great food at the Howl and Meow. The Grand and Glorious Food Stand will serve Chicago Red Hot dogs, home made barbeque, home made potato salad, home made pie and ice cream. The Chicago dogs have all the traditional Chicago ingredients that make them so very special right down to the brilliant green pickle relish!  You will love this marvelous blend of flavors!  Beverages will be for sale, too, of course. 

Check out the other Howl and Meow articles on the OMHS News page.  We need volunteers but we also encourage people to just come to the event for a fun-filled adventure. You are encouraged to "contact us" with any questions you have about the Howl and Meow.  Thank you for your interest and support of the Ocooch Mountain Humane Society!

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