Spay & Neuter Program

As of June 1, 2016 the current OMHS spay/neuter voucher program was suspended due to insufficient funding.  OMHS forsees continuing community spay/neuter projects in the future.  If individuals would like to donate specifically for future programs or for the continued effort to alter feral, free roaming, and barn cats those donations would be greatly appreciated.  Assistance for feral, free roaming and barn cat populations is available upon request.


Since 2003 OMHS has helped to spay and neuter over 3,000 cats and dogs from the community.  The assistance was provided to low income individuals and families who could not afford the usual cost of the surgeries.  Assistance was also provided to individuals willing to help spay/neuter feral and free roaming cat populations in our communities.  Monetary support  for the spay/neuter program has come from donations and community fundraisers and, in past years, grants.