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Additional sponsors supporting the 2012 Pet of the Month program

OMHS is grateful for the continued support of a very important program, namely the Pet of the Month campaign, to find homes for pets.  Pet of the Month begins its 11th year of advertising dogs and cats ready for adoption with the help of business and OMHS member sponsors.  The program is very effective and is instrumental in finding homes for these deserving and loyal pets.

The cost of advertising for the entire year is a one-time cost of $125.00. We may be crazy but OMHS has stuck with the original cost from 10 years ago.  The $125 buys, for the sponsor, a listing on each of the display ads published once per month in the Richland Shopping News, the Richland Observer, and the Boscobel Dial.  The ads are 3 column by 4 or more inches and the cost to each sponsor is $3.47 for each of the 3 publications amounting to $10.41 per month.  A very good deal and a very good way for OMHS to help find homes for pets.

It is not too late to become a Pet of the Month sponsor!

OMHS is pleased to announce the Pet of the Month Sponsors for 2012:

  • Walsh Ace Hardware
  • R & K Auto and Tire
  • Richland County Bank
  • Wertz Plumbing and Heating
  • Shireman Veterinary Clinic
  • J Coufal       OMHS member
  • Ocooch Mountain Motorcycle Safety, LLC
  • Harmony Hardwood Floors, LLC
  • J and S Patch  friends of OMHS
  • D. Goodchild and J Hansen  OMHS members
  • Premier Cooperative
  • Rural Mutual Insurance, Clary Agency
  • Rockbridge Sawmill
  • Burnstad's Market
  • Chitwood Electric
  • Strang Heating and Electric
  • R and J Quade     OMHS members
  • A and C Pellett     OMHS members
  • Richland Veterinary Service, LLC
  • J. Loft       OMHS member
  • Sharon Wallace    OMHS member
  • an Anonymous sponsor

Remember, there is still time to become a sponsor of the Pet of the Month program…the first ad of the year will be published the second week of January and is in the hands of the publications today.  You can send your check to: OMHS Pet of the Month, P.O. Box 229, Richland Center, WI 53581. If you have questions about sponsorship, click the "contact us" opportunity.  The more sponsors we have the larger the ad size, or perhaps we can run ads more frequently. If you enroll in this program in January, 2012, and have missed the first display ad publication we can extend your sponsorship into January 2013.  We are more than happy to do that!

If you or your business have a website it can be linked to this OMHS site.  Business website banners will be placed in the randomly rotating display at the bottom of the static pages on the OMHS site.  Those static pages such as membership, mission, Adoption Center, etc. have the more permanent information about OMHS. Take a look at these pages and watch the banners change as they move through the random schedule.



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