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Would You Help OMHS Reach the Challenge Grant Goal?

     The Spay Neuter Voucher Program is one of the most important environmental efforts of the Ocooch Mountain Humane Society.  OMHS is working, along with other humane societies, to hammer home the need to spay and neuter dogs and cats. The population explosion of these animals really is a social and environmental problem.  

    When OMHS incorporated as a not-for-profit organization 12 years ago, spaying and neutering was already an important issue for the fledgling organization. Through the ensuing years OMHS has kept the foot to the pedal in the effort to help lower income individuals and families afford to have pets and farm cats spayed and neutered. However, there will always be cats and dogs that should and need to be spayed/neutered. There will always be the need for programs to address the problem of unwanted pups and kittens.

This is where YOU come into the picture:

    The OMHS voucher program needs your help.  We have a Challenge Grant offered by three generous anonymous donors. The Challenge is for OMHS members and friends to raise $1,000 for the Spay Neuter Voucher Program, and the donors will match the $1,000 with $1,000… thus the program will have a much needed $2,000 to begin 2014. The $2000 will not meet the needs for the entire year but will give OMHS a bit of a respite during winter months when we have no events, nor do we have Animal House to help with ongoing costs.  
OMHS asks you for a donation to help us
reach the $1000 goal.
    This is how the spay neuter voucher program works: the person or family with a low income or who has a disability that impacts their employment, contacts OMHS via email or phone call. The person requesting the voucher for help with spay or neutering pets is interviewed via the phone. A basic set of questions is asked to be certain that there is financial need with this important surgical assistance for the pets. If qualified, a voucher is mailed to the person/family.  The voucher specifies the amount that OMHS is willing to help with the costs of the surgery, generally $30 to $40. The recipient must pay the balance of the costs to the veterinary clinic. It is the responsibility of the voucher recipient to make an appointment for the procedure with the vet clinic they choose. Clinics that are part of the program are: Shireman Veterinary Clinic, Richland Veterinary Service, LLC, Riverdale Veterinary Clinic, and the Spring Green Animal Hospital.  OMHS is very grateful to these veterinary clinics for helping with this program.            Please consider making a donation to the OMHS Spay Neuter Voucher Program.  Your donation will be put to use specifically for this purpose.  Helping people get their companion animals spayed or neutered is an important means of helping regain stability in their finances. Raising a litter of pups or kittens and finding homes for them is a very costly endeavor.  Therefore, NOT having the unwanted pets saves money over time.  And the pets will be healthier in general when spayed or neutered. For example, some forms of cancer are eliminated.

    From April, 2013, to the end of October, 2013, the voucher program has helped surgically alter 258 pets. The cost to OMHS for these procedures is $9479. The program is working well, but OMHS needs dollars to continue this social and environmental situation by spaying and neutering pets.

       Some statistics regarding dog and cat breeding:
An un-spayed female cat, her mate and all of their offspring, producing two litters per year, with 2.8 surviving kittens per litter result in the astonishing numbers below.
An un-spayed female dog, her mate and all of their puppies, if none are ever neutered or spayed, can add up to the numbers below:

One Year: 12
Two Years: 67
Three Years: 376
Four Years: 2,107
Five Years: 11,801
Six Years: 66,088
Seven Years: 370,092
Eight Years: 2,072,514
Nine Years: 11,606,077

    You can see what an enormous environmental problem and economic problem intact pets can be.  OMHS is trying to do its part with the voucher program and with educational information about spaying and neutering. And yes, the numbers above are correct for either a dog or cat breeding pair.

    OMHS needs your help to reach the goal set for the Challenge Grant.  We look forward to your generous support of OMHS efforts. 

You can make a donation of any size to help reach the Challenge Grant goad.  By mail please send your check to:  OMHS Spay Neuter Grant,  P.O. Box 229, Richland Center WI 53581.   Via credit card or PayPal go to the Donation page on this site.  Be certain to indicate in the comment or remarks box for either credit card or PayPal that your donation if targeted for the Spay Neuter Grant.

We sincerely thank you for considering making a donation for this important program.


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Volunteers Needed for Howl and Meow!

Would you consider helping the Ocooch Mountain Humane Society with the May 5, Howl and Meow?

2013 marks the 11th anniversary of this feature-filled event celebration pets and their companions. An added bonus is that volunteers always have a good time working together for a great cause.

Work to be done at Howl and Meow:

Set up...begins at 8 a.m.  We need help setting up tables and chairs for many of the event areas.  We have a floor plan prepared to volunteers know where to place the furniture and other items.

Registration for the Pet Walk... two people are needed to check in the pets and people who are entering the Walk.

Kitchen and Grand and Glorious Food Stand…lots of fun in the kitchen with conversation and laughs. Help is needed at the counter greeting customers, taking orders, assembling sandwiches, cutting pies, cashiering.
Would you create a homemade pie? Please call 608-647-3461.

Plant Sale... help needed setting up table arrangement, checking in the donated plants (we keep a list of who donates to OMHS), pricing plants, cashiering the sales, boxing up the plants sold.  Proceeds go to help support the Spay Neuter Program.

Quarter RaffleHelp set up the table arrangement and place donated items on tables. Do you have an item or two to donate for bids?  Please call 608-647-3461. 

Photographer needed… Do you have a digital camera and would you be willing to take candid photos at Howl?  We need photos to document this 11th annual event.  Call 647-3461.

Videographer needed...OMHS would like to have video taken of various features of the Howl event. Video of the educational presentation would be especially needed.  A tripod-setup would be ideal to record the programs.  Please call 647-6453 or email info@ocoochmountainhumanesociety.org.

Thank you for your support of OMHS by volunteering your talent and time for Howl and Meow!  See you there!

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The OMHS membership list will be published in February

Just a reminder to OMHS members who have not yet renewed for 2013… the membership list will be published in the February issue of Pet Connection.  If you are a member of OMHS you will certainly want your name listed in this issue.  (And you know that everyone looks for the membership list right away to see who is and who is not a member!)

Pet Connection is probably the most important communication tool of OMHS.  (Of course, this website and Facebook are important, as well!) Pet Connection is published 6 times per year and is generally a 10 to 12 page document.  It is very newsy and there we do publish the name of folks who donate for Pet Care, make memorial gifts, donate for Spay Neuter clinics, and all other donation categories.  We do not publish those names here on the website.  The newsletter is the only way to read many, many things about OMHS. And we can send the newsletter to you via email as a pdf file.  You can save us the cost of bulk mail by your online reception of the publication.

If you are NOT a member of OMHS, please consider becoming a member.  You can go to the Membership page on this site for complete information and you can complete your membership online on the donation page.

Individual memberships are $10 per year

Family memberships are $25 per year

Senior and Student memberships are $5 per year

Lifetime memberships are $500

Business memberships are $75 per year.


Please join OMHS!  The more memberships we have the better opportunities we have for receiving grants.  Our Richland County area is small in population and rural in demographics so our membership numbers are important to granting institutions and organizations.  OMHS offers the programs and outreach that have great appeal for grant awards.  But we must keep up our membership numbers.  Help us, please. 

Thank you!

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Paws for the Holidays volunteers and generous donors create successful event!

The 3 November 2012, Paws for the Holidays event was very successful thanks to the hard work and talent of the volunteers who presented features of the day that appealed to a wide audience.  From the educational programs to the Amazing Bake Sale and the Pet Portraits there was activity in the Community Center all day from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.  The event raised approximately $6,000 that will give a real boost to the treasury to pay for costs of Pet Care, Adoption Center rent, Spay Neuter expenses, and other program and project needs.  OMHS thanks everyone who attended the event, thanks to the volunteers who gave time and effort, and a big thank you to the businesses and individuals who generously donated items for the Silent Auction!

Featured at Paws for the Holidays were:

The Grand and Glorious Food stand… serving the wonderful Chicago style hot dogs and much more!

The Amazing Bake Sale

Pet Portraits

The Silent  Auction

Shoppe 'til You Drop

OMHS Cookbook photo contest

Egger's Wreaths


Madison Area Herpetological Society information table

Sandhill Marketing… bird seed sales

OMHS shirt sales

OMHS memberships   new and renewal

Spay Neuter information table

Adoption information and photos of pets ready for adoption

All of these featured booths and tables were staffed by smiling, happy volunteers.  It was a great day for everyone.

And the educational programs were icing on top of the cake, so to speak.  We learned about feeding wild birds and their migration patterns and response to drought, plus learning about reptiles and amphibians as pets.

OMHS looks forward to Paws for the Holidays, 2013!  

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