Volunteering for the Ocooch Mountain Humane Society:

OMHS is an all-volunteer, non-profit organization, and the volunteers for OMHS are a wonderful dedicated and reliable bunch of folks!

Volunteering at the animal shelters:

Even though the organization has been working energetically for more than 14 years without an animal shelter building, we are close to being a humane society with a building to house our cats in one location. We have searched for these 14 years to find property that will suit our needs.  OMHS is very grateful to Schmitt Woodland Hills for allowing us to retrofit a garage building that provided shelter for cats for over 7 years.  To add more shelter space, in 2014, we opened the Haseltine Adoption Center for cats.  Therefore, we still have two shelters for cats at this time.  It has worked, but there are some inefficiencies; however, the volunteers have maintained their wonderful dedication to the tasks and joys of tending to the needs of the felines!  

With the purchase of a fine building in Richland Center, completing the plans, and having them approved by the State, the building can now be refitted beginning in January 2016. The roles of volunteers will change a bit because of the size of the building, but our need for responsible, reliable volunteers will continue.  We hope that the new building will be ready for occupancy in March 2016.  We are keeping our fingers crossed!

The new shelter building does not have quarters for dogs ready for adoption.  OMHS continues to place the dogs that come under our wing in foster care in family homes.  However, we hope that in the near future, OMHS will have a small number of kennels for dogs on the same campus as the feline shelter.

You can volunteer right now!

  • Adoption Center: Volunteer at one of the feline adoption locations to socialize the beautiful cats and kittens waiting for new homes, help clean litter boxes, and feed and water the animals. If you are able to donate a couple hours per week or every other week, please call 608-604-8834 or 604-2075 to speak to an Adoption Coordinator for Felines and ask what volunteer shifts are open at this time.  We ask that any children under 10 years of age be accompanied by an adult when working. OMHS has a volunteer application form to be completed. 
  • Foster Homes for Dogs: (Application Form). Volunteer to open your home and heart to give a foster home to a dog or pup waiting for adoption. Dogs learn healthy behaviors and thrive in foster homes surrounded by the activities of daily family life.
In addition, volunteers are always needed for the annual OMHS events! To see where your talents and skills fit the needs of OMHS, read on, and then go to the "Events" link on the menu.
  • Animal House food stand: Volunteer to work a 2 hour or longer shift at this seasonal fund-raising project. The little mobile food stand serves great sandwiches once per month from April through October. New volunteers are welcome to join the fun. See the Events Calendar for the dates for the food stand. Working Animal House really is a lot of fun… the crew is friendly, and there is always great conversation going on.  Please email us… go to the contact item on the menu bar of this website to volunteer for Animal House.

           There has been some concern about the closing of Ed's Family Foods grocery business in Richland Center and the fate of Animal House. Animal House has had the privilege of setting up 7 times per year in Ed's parking lot.  It has been a wonderful run and OMHS is so grateful for the kind and generous staff and management for the use of the space for over 7 seasons!  We will miss you very much. But fear not, customers and crew of Animal House; we are working on finding a new location in Richland Center so that our season can begin in April 2016! 

  • Humane Education programs: OMHS reaches out to schools in Richland and Grant Counties. An energetic and helpful program presented by an OMHS member who, with her dogs' assistance, helps youngsters learn about responsible and gentle care of animals.
  • Annual OMHS events: Volunteer help is always needed for the following annual events. Watch this page for updates on the events… there are always new features added to the OMHS fund raising events!

Howl and Meow… Held on the Sunday before Mother's Day in May the event features a  Dog Walk, the selection of the dog mascot and the cat mascot for the year, a quarter raffle, the Grand and Glorious food stand, a Perennial and Annual Plant Sale, photo contest, and a Doggy Showcase where dogs strut their stuff just for the fun of it!  

Rummage Romp for Pets… Held in July, this is a colossal and clean sale with collectibles, antiques, household, clothing, books, electronics, and a world of other items. Donate items for the sale and/or help crew the sale!

Paws Fur the Holidays… Held the second Saturday of November, this event features a Sweet Walk, a pie sale, Pet Portraits, the Grand and Glorious Food Stand, a  Silent Auction of quality items and pet related items, and a featured speaker focusing on a special animal topic. We need your help.  Please volunteer for Paws!

For more details and to volunteer for any of the above, please email us.

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